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A phono preamp with equalization selector
You might want to check out the SunValley EQ-1616D  
Need some help picking my first MC Cartridge
Hana cartridges are now 20% off through the end of December.  
Curious Why Benz Micro Slid Into Obscurity
You can get a Benz Ruby 3 in a Cardas Myrtle wood body.  Cardas sells them as a Myrtle Heart cartridge.  
Vacuuming after ultrasonic vinyl cleaning
I vacuum one side, then flip it and vacuum the second side, then vacuum the cork mat, then vacuum the first side again.  
Which SUT to match Koetsu Rosewood Standard in my system?
1:20 is the best match for the Rosewood into the Audio Note.  
VPI upgrade?
VPI has a walnut prime b-stock new on their website for $3375  
VPI upgrade?
You can get the Prime 21 with a gimballed arm installed at no extra cost.  The bass response with the gimballed arm is amazing!.  But if you want to change cartridges, you are better off with unipivot.  You can get a separate arm with unipivot and... 
Shindo Masseto w Koetsu .3mv output
The late Art Dudley was a Shindo fan, and if I remember correctly, he preferred the use of an outboard SUT vs. using the internal Lundahl transformers.  His favorite was a Hommage T1.  If you look at the end of this review, you can see his prefere... 
Remove Radio Station Background Noise
There are some inexpensive cables on Amazon that will work well: Made with Canare L-4E6S, Star Quad, Audio Interconnect Cable and Amphenol ACPR Gold RCA Connectors – Directional Design - Custom Made by WORLDS BEST CABLES  
Step up transformer recommendation
The AR Reference 3SE has Gain: Selectable 51 dB (Low) and 73 dB (High) at 1kHz BAL; 45 dB (Low) and 67 dB (High) at 1kHz SE. (MC and MM compatible). Input Impedance: 47k Ohms and 100 pF SE. Selectable loads: 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 Ohms, and ... 
Remove Radio Station Background Noise
Yes, you need EFI/RFI shielded cables.  2 twisted internal conductors covered by a shield (an aluminum foil covering then braided wire over the aluminum). Connect the shield to the - side of the RCA at the source end only and leave the other end d... 
Step up transformer recommendation
A step up of between 1:15 and 1:20 would be the best match.  
Replacement for my Benz Micro Ruby
Cardas carries a Myrtle Heart which is a Benz Ruby 3 in a Myrtlewood body  
Phono preamp advice
Second on Hageman Trumpet MC  
Gain setting on Rega Aura with Apheta 3
Gain 1 is 69.5 dB,  Gain 2 is 63.5 dB.  The Apheta 3 has an output of .35mV.   The best choice would be Gain 2.  You should set the impedance load to 100.