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Copper, gallium, graphene and excitation "demons"
@bolong Yes, and all hell will break loose.  
Copper, gallium, graphene and excitation "demons"
@carlsbad2 Oh, but think of the marketing potential for audio grade "Hell" wire..."unleashing demons that exceed excitations"  
Paint it Black Cello Rendition by Wednesday Addams.....
In the style of Bach  
Insider or Outsider? To be or not to be,...?
To attain critical mass, it needs to provide a tax haven....  
How To Field Questions About Your Audiophile Lifestyle...
Three can keep a secret if two are dead. You know what to do... 
Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!
Disconnect one ear. Check Play loud music. Check. Remove carrot from other ear. Check, but how is this supposed to be different?  
Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!
Third person plural. 
Who wants the best improvement in their system EVER!
elizabeth,If you are experiencing Hum, please check for possible ground loops. While existential resonances are par for the course of the human species, spillover into the electronic food chain is not. Have all chakra planes been properly balanc... 
What is meant when someone says a component is lacking soul
A presentation lacking the hurdy-gurdies of dreams, the subjective bells and whistles of our symbolism factory...which are never really "there" in the first place.  
What's Your Take on This ?
  It’s impolite to address the catastrophe, unless you’re sloshed.  
Verities of Time
Time passes more slowly when you're with your relatives. A slow death "on the plains".  What's interesting is that physical location on earth is part and parcel of the experiential running of our clocks. So, when listening to a live broadcast or... 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
A vote for mesmerizing snow, from a similar experience. Less than a foot, but the music was intensely holographic - a palpable presence that startled and beckoned in the night. It wasn't until the following day that I learned the power had gone ou... 
Heart, Lungs, Brains, Veins, Liver
Upscale Vegan Karma 
High value, high efficiency speakers for SET amps
3402 Rear ends are strictly metaphor and windows to the soul. The rump quantifies the horse. Besides, jockeys are hungry and need to eat...  
Another Free Tip That Yields Better Sound!
Cryo treated frames improve signal transmission - especially if worn during application.