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must you play music to break in tubes
x2...Send them back because this seller is full of it.  
Power cords: does length matter?
"Keep power chords under 2 meters if possible"... LOL! Because we all know that electrical properties change drastically once power travels more than this. It just never ends what people still post on this site.  
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
David Gray "White Ladder"...just perfect.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
I'm going out on a limb and saying you didn't hear any difference because there WAS no difference! much money wasted on silly  aftermarket cords.  
Thoughts? - First Watt F8 / Vandersteen Treo's
What you will not get with the F8 on that speaker is real dynamic swing. Yes, it might sound good tonally, but those speakers deserve more power. I base this opinion from someone going from a FirstWatt M2 (25W) to Quicksilver Mono 120s (120W) on 8... 
Tube vs Solid state for Preamp
AI preamps (L3, M3) are capable of incredible bass performance...absolutely no need to jump to SS. I've owned an M3B for 7 years, btw.  
No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?
All part of their new diversity and inclusion plan...Pink is now no longer a marginalized fuse.  
Solar Eclipse Music
"There Goes the Sun," the track overshadowed by the more popular "Here Comes the Sun."  
Overkill for small room
I own the Contour 20i's and drive them in a small room with a 25W, Class A, First Watt M2...they sound GREAT. Plenty of dynamics, tight bass, and power at all volumes. These are not that hard to drive. And btw, my amp has a damping factor of 20...... 
power cord for pass 250.8 the aftermarket cord manufacturers go laughing all the way to the bank.  
Stuff You Tried To Love
Anyone who does not get "Kind of Blue" a) lacks a soul and b) does not deserve to even call themselves a music lover. Harsh but true!  
How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?
I agree probably lonliness as well. Years ago, I separated one monoblock from the other, and the left channel amp died within just a few months...the right channel has never been the same since 😢  
NAD Monitor Series: opinions
My primary preamp/tuner for 10 years was the Monitor 1600, which contains the preamp section from the 1300 and 7600. The 1300 is a superb sounding unit overall: neutral, dead quiet, flexible controls, and nonfatiguing. Just beware that these were ... 
Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?
Correct, the Lokius is not an EQ but rather a tone control and thus will not allow one to hone in on the offending frequency band precisely enough.  
Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?
I totally get where you are coming from, Stuartk. I have found that even though it is not the "purist" approach, the dBx 231S, 2-channel, stereo EQ unit does a great job at allowing me to reduce (not totally eliminate) sibilance in my hi-end syste...