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Best High End Audio Manufacturer???
SPEC out of Japan. Has an amazing line of amps and turntables. Japanese only product. Some of the best sounding musicality I have heard. Impeccable Also love Luxman in Japan. Top shelf internal electronics.Love ATC speakers; also Sony's SS line. 
Hendrix : Freedom/ATL pop festival
Agreed. The promoter sat on this film stock and audio for almost 4 decades. I like that the Hendrix estate is negotiating to locate and license this music. There is always electrifying 
Denon 103S is a real good cartridge
Denon, Shure and Audio Technica make amazing cartridges that do not break the bank. I can't tell you how many ultra expensive cartridges I have heard that under-perform on a cost basis. I use the AT MM ones and they sound amazing. 
Phono cartridge for classic rock
Denon 103 or Audio Technica line of MM cartridges. I stand by Audio Technica, especially if you have a vintage rig. 
looking for a recording with nice wide soundstage
Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Live at KRCW, Record Store Day release. Amazing production by Bob Clearmountain. 
It Was 40 Years Ago Today...
I myself love the live sets he has released of the 1975 Tours, both London and Philly. Check them out at 
Best Rock Album of 2015
My Morning Jacket 
MM cartridges
Audio technica all the way. 
Speakers for Office/Listening Room
Kvart and Bolge 
Doug Sax RIP
Sad day :( 
Your favorite album cover...
Thoughts on new Blur album
No hits, but a solid effort 
Songs that Inspire or Move you
Amy Winehouse Tears Dry on their OwnJoni Mitchell Coyote 
Your favorite recent discovery
Tame Impala, Erin Smith, Vice Versa, Dirty Water, Colin Lake 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Social Distortion. Really loud.