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Should I finish my basement
I did a partial finished basement. Ceiling was sheet rock, painted the walls and carpeted the floor. Plus put in dedicated AC. No looking back everything worked well. 
Any experience with Krell KRS-2 6-chasis version
I own a KRS-2 and love it. You all are correct it has a very nice phono section. Only thing better would be a CAT preamp. Which I owned at one time. Wish I still did. But thats another story. 
Spectral DMA 180 Questions
If I recall the amp must be used with a Spectral Preamp plus interconnects. If not the amp may become unstable and possibly ruin other components. I would sure call a Spectral dealer and ask them their spin. 
New tube amp for ML Prodigy CAT, VTL, ARC????
If possible the Cats will be quite a nice treat. Great base control and just super mids and liquid highs. I feel the Cats are more romantic than the arc amps. If your looking to spend the money do yourself a favor. 
Amplifier suggestions to drive a pair of NHT 3.3
Classe 700s woked very well. Great bass control. Watch out for the treble for the tizzy spits. Good luck. 
Problems with VAC Avatar
I would suggest you call VAC. They are super people and their service and knowledge is second to none. Ask them questions and you will get honest and pointed responses. Great products. 
RCA to XLR adapters…
Magnan Cableshttp://www.magnan.com/They did some for me and am very pleased. 
Classe Audio DR6
Built like a tank, great phono, good customer service....that should do it. Try it you will like it! 
isolation and dampening tweaks
Have a local cabinet maker make you a box, fill it with sand add a floating top, resting on the sand and set your unit on it. I have done it with my tt, cdp and amp. $65 dollars/ea not painted. 
Has anyone tried the Black Diamond record clamp?
I also had one on my Aries extemded. Sold it with the table. However it was a great improvement over the stock clamp. 
audio phyics vigro help....
Sure they will work. However if you could get them on the long wall the soundsage would become much more three D. Placement of these speakers require much tweeking.... but the results are worth the effort. The further out into the room the more th... 
phono cable suggestions..
I second the cardas selection. 
cones under your tube amps??
I second BDR, a combination of (1)#3 and (2)#4 worked well for me under my VAC 160 Mono's. 
What item sold you cannot live without??
CAT SLI MK II The tax man come and take my money away! 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Roger Waters: Amused to Death