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Fluctuations of the loudness of speakers???
Cables are all brand new but the tube does apply since I have Musical Fidelity Nu Vista amplifier that supposedly contains some tubes. I wouldn't even know how to go about getting let alone replacing one... 
Question for owners of Anthony Gallos 3.1
Thank you all for your inputs...I'm assuming they should get broken in sooner or later even at normal levels also...I don't mind waiting 100 hours or so. 
AV123 X-Statik
Heard them at the RMAF with an added subwoofer, for the money excellent combination, the room was small too and it sounded great... 
Why do dealers do this?
Good story by Danlib 1...we're all guilty of pre-judging to a certain extent, and a lot of salesmen are even more guilty of it. It's a real challenge to hear different audio equipment in peace that's why I consider events like RMAF a blessing... 
New Focal Grande Utopia EM
I personally think the system at RMAF sounded great. Well, it better at that price... :-) 
My 2 cents about Gallo 3.1
Thank you for invitation Duke...time permitting I'll stop by... 
Speakers that disappear
I thought I'd put my two cents in...haven't heard that many speakers, but Audio Physics are great in terms of disappearing. If it wasn't for a bit of lack of bass and dynamics, I'd buy them without hesitation... 
Good speakers at low volume?
I'm going to use Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 275wpc amplifier and Musical Fidelity A5 cd player...Music, well, I do listen to pretty much every different type there is, which doesn't help in narrowing it down...about 803S, I've heard them twice, onc... 
Good speakers at low volume?
Question for Musicnoise (or anybody who knows) - coming back to the comparison you mentioned of b&w 804 and b&w 803, I'm assuming it was the latter one that played better at low volume right? 
Good speakers at low volume?
Question for Kevinc - Regarding Gallo's 3.1, I've read you need a seperate sub amp, is that true? I have Nu Vista 275 wpc amplifier... 
Good speakers at low volume?
My room is mid size, maybe 17 by 12 feet..thanks for all the inputs 
Good speakers at low volume?
I guess having a powerful amp is part of the equation too... 
Musical Fidelity A1008 integrated
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