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Thoughts and perceptions on the sound quality of Accuphase Digital Products
And TAD, too.  
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
I had nearly all Jeff Rowland preamps and phono stages over the years, and some years ago bought as an icing on the cake after my long Jeff Rowland history the phenomenal Daemon integrated, complete with phono and DAC, and with the later generatio... 
Thoughts and perceptions on the sound quality of Accuphase Digital Products
In Europe, especially in Germany, Netherlands and Italy, Accuphase is very common and favorable. The reviews are very good, surely pushed by the distributors, as common in the business anywhere…   I have a DP-750 and love it. Never had any other... 
Sonus Faber Amati Futura
After 9 years, are there any other opinions in the Sonus Faber Amati Futura? Could a Zanden 9600 amp with push-pull 845 with 60W Class A and 90W AB be an adequate match or maybe not enough to let the A.F. shine (like a crazy diamond 😉 )?  
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
As a long time satisfied user of different JRDG preamps, from the Consonance with phono stage, the 3-box Consummate with phono, a Synergy II to the great Coherence II series 2 with Cadence phono stage, they showed all fantastic results with differ... 
Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?
Any other owner of the Daemon here, or just Guido?All of you who still have any concerns with the Class D amps, you should consider that the newest generation of Jeff Rowland class D designs are not B&O made ICE Power designs, but the real sop... 
cost no object integrated amps
Any news here on super integrated amps? Goodsource, did you came nearer to your decision?Why is the Jeff Rowland Daemon just mentioned once or twice, but not more? In my opinion ist JRDG one of the real musical and most aesthetical products in aud... 
Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing The JRDG Superintegrated Flagship Amplifier
Guido and other who are experienced with the Daemon, any news on the comparison with the subsystems of the Deamon with/against other separates? Maybe DAC against Aeris+PSU, amp section against 925 or 735? Any long time experiences after 10 months?... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Give a chance for active monitors, first of all: Neumann, Genelec, ATC.I have now a Graham LS5/8 in my second system, really fantastic, organic, big, natural.But I love my older big professional main monitors and can recommend everyone to try them... 
Highest BUILD quality tube amps?
I miss Zanden here. One of the most beautiful tube gear. 
Koetsu Cartridge on Acoustical Systems Axiom!
And is it a real excellent match or would you recommend other systems with better synergy with the Axiom? 
Matching Koetsu Stone Body Platinum Cartridge
Syntax, why do you think so?bgupton, how did the story went on? What kind of analog rig do you have with the Shindo? 
Tannoy Prestige Turnberry GR Limited Edition or ProAc D 30 R o RS
Paolo, what was the end of the story, which speakers do you have now? 
Best Cartridge for Kuzma Airline
Any newer or other recommendations on cartridges for the Kuzma Airline? 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Hello,i had the old (produced about 1996) Shahinian Diapasons for some years. They were great for classical music, very good wall of sound, but not very exact in localization and micro images. Not very fast, more a kind of rolling sound.The later ...