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Suggestions for a 'good' FM antenna?
"Fanfare FM-2G vs. Magnum Dynalab ST-2?" Anyone have opinions on this matchup? They are the same price, look pretty much the same. 
Help! Forte, Linn, Magnepan. NOT RIGHT?
My first response would be the Forte equipment. I will just give you a brief history of my trials, maybe that will help you. I will start off back over 10 years ago when I was using a Denon integrated amp (they called it a pre-main amp), this was ... 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
Your answer may be found in this article. 
The Best Audio Dealer
Rick Ratliff at Alpine Audio, Excellent!! 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
Ejlif, I only have a second, but I want to clarify something real quick. It appears I may of come off as one of those that think highend is a joke; that couldn't be farther from the truth!!!! ...this is why I own a 508.24. I was one that wasted my... 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
Ejlif, your comments confuse me. First let me say I am definately not in the "a cable is a cable camp"! Without changing the orginal, how are you making it better? I could understand you liking the sound your CDR puts out better than your CD playe... 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
My guess is that information is lost during the process before it reaches the copy and possibly lost in the process of writing "burning" it. 
CD Copies...why do they sound worse?
In response to those that believe the copies they make sound better, I reply that it is impossible. It is only possible to be as good. How can you possibly make it better? How can you upgrade onto your copy what never existed on the source. Now, w... 
Comments requested on Meridian 508.24
As a owner of a 508.24, I was curious about the the article mentioned by another at So I went in search of it. Here is the link, For those who don't want to take the time to ... 
The JPS Superconductor Cables are great, especially for the price! For a review, go to