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Tekton Pendragon Audition in SF Bay Area?
i just found this thread, i do have the pendragon set up and love it. Pen fronts and center with m-lores as surrounds. we will probably be moving so thought i will sell the whole package rather than ship. i will definately be buying tekton again. ... 
Tekton custom grills
That is not the point. Yes, I can survive without them and life will go on. But if you were to buy a new refrigerator and paid for a water filter system, had it delivered and was told that it would be delivered shortly time after time, would you j... 
Auralex subdude
I choose the subdude because of the right fit for my speakers. The idea was a broad flat surface to provide the stability we all want but also the isolation. (Now here comes the coupling decoupling debate). So all in all I now have a large, heavy ... 
Tekton custom grills
I'm at 10 months now. How are the grills by the way? Foam, cloth, metal? Good and sturdy......worth the wait? I all again today and post later. Thanks 
Better sound
Sure appreciate all the interest in a topic ( coupling, decoupling ) that has varying opinions. But it sounds like when all is said and done, keeping speakers as solid and still as possible will provide the greatest end result. Thanks for all the ... 
Oppo 103 SQ for SACD vs standard Denon 2900?
Ok, I also am looking for some advice relating to the best configuration concerning the Oppo 103 and a Denon 3313. Should the Oppo process the video and the Denon the sound?? Should my cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.) first go through the Denon and the... 
Room treatments
Thanks for the response. Interesting that diffusion gets much less play than absorption. I'm hoping someone will comment on GIK's incorporating diffusion into their tri traps (which get great reviews) because this diffusion would now be in the cor... 
Room treatments
Has anyone heard anything about GIK's new "scatter plate" option in their panels, especially the tri traps?? I'm just about ready to order but would like some insight on the efficacy of it. 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
This tread goes back a while but, has anyone heard ANYTHING about the Pendragon center channel. 
Streaming music comparisons and quality
is it true that spotify "might stream at 320 but one can never be sure. MOG always is 320....dependable 
Significant difference??
Thanks for the info. I'm hoping some will share their thoughts on sound difference in performance. I'm thinking of getting a good receiver Togo with the new oppo 103......maybe the Marantz 7007 or the Denon 3313. Any ideas?? And what about McIntosh 
bass traps
Has anyone heard of Acoustic Geometry. I was in a Magnolia store and they has them all around. Very sturdy and well built with a "curved surface construction. But they do not seem all that popular. 
What The Fidelity??
Thanks you guys for the responses and the advice. Internetmin....the recommendations are much appreciated. I will check out oppo? and read some reviews. To clarify, after I mentioned keeping the Denon, he said " OK keep the Denon but there's no us... 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
A "pro installer" described the Pendragons as being another bright speaker....like th klipsch reference. Is this true?? After reading these forums, I was thinking the opposite. Help please. 
Zu Omen Defs vs Tekton Pendragons
Hey 007, when I asked Eric about the upgrade to the SEAS, he said that the "seas pendragon" was a smaller version of the stock Pen( as stated in an updated presentation of the seas pen). My room is 20x20x8; Eric assured me the stock Pen would be t...