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Isolation Feet for Laptop
Close your eyes and have someone else turn the knob. Then tell us if it still works.  
1, Tonality - Frequency response of the speaker in your room. 2. Accuracy - Frequency response of the speaker on its own. 3. Dynamics (Attack and Decay) - Can it play loud with low distortion? 4. Imaging - Good dispersion plus #2 and not screwi... 
Isolation Feet for Laptop
I think you know the answer @guakus .  
Will increasing speaker cable AWG make a difference in sound quality?
Crayola gives degrees?  
Home network Fibre optic vs Ethernet
WIfi mesh.  Do you think the Internet connection to your system is the biggest problem you have? Maybe if you had dial-up. Go buy some better speakers and stop worrying about fiber or wired. Bigger fish.  
Why whole house surge protectors are not enough
Caelin Gabriel and Shunyata make suppressors for medical gear so I think they're a lot more knowledgeable than most people here.   Than most people here is not setting a very high bar but even then I am not sure. They say a lot of dumb stuff. ... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
@emergingsoul what amps and speakers do you have?  
WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection
How could I possibly get a blacker background than silent?  I only need 2-10 megabits/second. How does going from 300 megabits/second to > 1 gigabit / second make it sound better? Do the bits arrive more refreshed from their shorter journey? If... 
Dynamic Range - the golden key to music nirvana?
You missed the step about understanding what dynamic range means. Skipping that step and wasted a lot of effort chasing the impossible. In that step you would have discovered usable dynamic range. Anything over about 115db is wasted. For arguments... 
WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection
High speed WiFi mesh.  Anywhere I connect in the house i can get 200-300mbps or more. Never get network dropouts. DAC is as silent as silent can be. My bits prefer to fly first class as opposed to taking the train.  Due to the excellent safety sys... 
Why whole house surge protectors are not enough
@britamerican Isn’t there an NEC or UL limit to the amount of capacitance you can put on the AC line, before any primary windings?? If you asked me that 15-20 years ago maybe I would have known the answer. I doubt UL or NEC would ever say the c... 
Why whole house surge protectors are not enough
I was only half joking when I wrote "safety be damned". I would say the same thing about the person who wrote this. They either don't know what they are doing or are lying.  I get the impression the UberBUSS is like the BlueCircle and TLP produc... 
Why whole house surge protectors are not enough
Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata advises the whole house surge suppressor at the breaker box, and no suppressor at the equipment rack and Garth Powell of Audioquest feels strongly for the opposite due to potential RF noise. That should tell you all y... 
What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
Your post needs some of this    
Re-wiring the listening room: Questions
You know the wire in your walls in not going to change the frequency response of your system right? Outlets won't either. I think non-cryo romex has a sound too, 12ga is more balanced, but 10ga while better in dynamics, seems to have a hole in t...