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Back to the DAC
If you can stretch your budget a little you can get a new MSB Discrete w/ 1 PS for around $12K. You can add a second new PS later on for $1,495, or, pick up a used PS for about $500 (hard to find though). Pure DAC, no renderer & passive volume... 
Aurender and MSB DAC Synergy
Will do. Thanks again Jfr  
Aurender and MSB DAC Synergy
Thanks @jfrmusic I have an N20 and will be doing a home audition of the Discrete next week. Good to hear the synergy works in your system  
Ethernet cables
Supra CAT 8 work well in my system. Relatively inexpensive, solid connectors, double screen insulation.  
LPS for Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
@erik_squires Thank you Eric, I appreciate the tip  
LPS for Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Thank you Mitch. I am trying to reduce any noise that may be coming through the electrical service grid in town as I am in the process of demoing some higher end DACs. I guess you can see where my confusion is coming from. I appreciate your help ... 
LPS for Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
@audphile1 @mitch2 The output of the ONT is an internet wire (COAX), not optical. I am trying to post a link to an image of the power cord going into the ONT but I am having trouble. Here is a try; Image The ONT has a power input that looks li... 
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
@lalitk @ghdprentice @sns @lordmelton @verdantaudio  and others on this thread. This thread has been SO helpful in helping me narrow my choices. Just reading through this thread clarified so much for me .Bravo, you have really kept a great discus... 
Thoughts About Turntable Upgrades
I listen to both Vinyl and CD pressing from producers that specialise in the production of the better than the usual recordings. I have also been able to hear these select recordings on some occasions as Same Album Samples on either of the med... 
Linn LP12 Cirkus baring
I too have upgraded to the Carousel bearing and am extremely pleased with it. Much lower noise floor! Give Rick Duplisea @ Audio Alternative a call. He is one of the top LP12 guys in the US. Alternatively, call Peter Swain @ Combiosis in the UK as... 
Can we create a consensus list of the TONALITY of different amps/preamps/brands?
+1 @pmm  +1 @mitch2  OP, do you have speakers that are revealing enough to discern the nuances of the electronics upstream? Buy the best speakers you can afford for your listening room and then match them with the best amp for those speakers. B... 
What are my options for music files, CD rips, and a DAC all-in-one solution?
Auralic Altair is a great sounding one box solution  
Ultimate test of bass - Lana del Rey's A&W
The acoustic jazz album "Soular Energy" by The Ray Brown Trio " is phenomenal. Especially the track  Take the "A" Train. Bruce  
Is soundstage width a myth?
@larryi   Great concise description  Bruce  
What are some good things to do when going to an audition
OP.  Bring the acoustic jazz CD   "Soular Energy" by the Ray Brown Trio.  Full range piano and DEEP bass with brushes on the skins. Everything you need in a recording to evaluate a system. Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" would be a great CD to bri...