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Biggest Sonic Improvement
when I started to listen to sota PCs. King cobra or FIM power cords are the best upgrade I have experienced. I never would have thought this. Hearing is believing. 
Better Electronics or New Cables???
HI Rockvirgo. I could not believe what good PCs can do. The cobra,king cobra and FIM has done more for my system than any electronic change. Assuming you have good electronics to begin with. Try just one of the mentioned PCs and see if you have th... 
Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?
I saw a responce on PCs from mikeam. Hey mikeam. Maybe FIM should change there name to mongoose. Very good. Mikeam, have you heard FIMs IC or spk cable. I forgot to mention the FIM is very very stiff. Takes some time to twist and bend cable in pla... 
Power Cord Advice
Hi Jla. The FIM gold PC would be my first choice at $1200. A used cobra for $600 to $700 or a FIM silver ($700 retail I think) would be my 2nd choice. The coincident PC is under $300 retail and is very good. Hope I was some help. 
Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?
The FIM gold PC retails for $1200. I own two king cobra's, two cobra's and will have another FIM gold PC soon.Is the FIM is as good as the king cobra? Yes. In your system it could make your KC sound like a $30 PC. I could live with either one. The...