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New Guarneri Memento vs. Old Guarneri Homage
Great Review! I have been a huge fan of Sonus Faber as i currently own the Concerto in my Home theater and the Amati Homage in my main system which replaced a pair of Extremas that i owned for five years. All speakers have superb build quality and... 
Which amp s for Sonus Faber Amati
My Amatis are paired with Convergent Audio JL-1 Monoblocks, which really make them sing, a great combination of power and finesse. 
Amp for Amati Homage??
I use Convergent Audio JL-1 monos for my Amati with great results! You can email me for more info if you like.Regards, jeff 
Powerful Tube Amp for SF Strads?
I previously owned SF Extrema and now own SF Amati, and in both cases use CAT JL-1 Mono amps. Ive owned the amps now for about 5 years and they just do everything right. they are semi user friendly where occasionally will require you to solder in ... 
Showdown: Your Favorite Cart for Classical?
Koetsu Urushi 
Can you hear the difference in R2R format
yes, night and day difference! 
Sonus Extrema: Amplifier and room size
I owned a set of Extremas for about 6 years. I used them in a room that was approx 18 x 20 with 12 foot ceiling height with good but not great results. They like to be at least 2 to 3 feet from rear wall and 2 to 3 feet in from side walls and abou... 
What is the best place to buy tubes?
Another vote for Jim Mcshane! I have dealt with Jim for the last 3 years on several occasions and have never had a problem one. 
Receiver that can drive SF Signums?
Eugene,My audiophile friend drives Sonus Faber Extrema in his Home Theater system with the Yamaha RX-V1 with great success, so good in fact that i had to purchase a Yamaha RX-V1 for my home theater to power my Sonus Faber Concertos, again a fine m... 
Sonus Faber Amati Homage vs Thiel 7.2
what electronics are you using? You might use Cardas golden Cross biwire to warm things up a bit. 
Standard Def PQ On Current Panasonic Plasmas?
I too have last years 50inch and was very surprised at how good the standard def pq. And on HD its phenominal, source is Dishnetwork. 
CAT Amp Power Tube Options...
I own JL-1 Monoblocks and installed EH KT-88's about a year and a half ago, not only do they sound much better than the stock 6550's but they seem to last longer. 
Sonus Faber Extremas
I have owned Extrema for about 4 years now and currently run them with CAT JL-1 Monoblocks, i know these speakers very well, you can e-mail me if you have any questions. 
Are there any fans of Dewey and Gerry out there?
Just saw their America concert on a Soundstage HD Concert on Voom HD, and they were flawless! 
CAT Ultimate Preamp Break-in?
It was my experience that it took approx 200 hours for the bass to settle in, but in addition to this the transparency was greatly improved as well.Jeff