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Can speakers cause mental illness?
Click bait.   
How can I punish this Chinese audio dealer
NEVER buy direct from China for ANYTHING.  If you don't mind losing money, donate it to your local charity instead.Sorry for you being scammed. 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
Because Prima Luna isn't that great, even when there are many worst ones (try Line Magnetic, Ming Da, etc)Say, if Grand Hotel Tremezzo charges you 75 euros a night to stay in their storage closet, would you call this "a great deal", "excellent val... 
Are the loudness wars fake so record companies can destroy the music?
Once upon a time, people listened to music while they sit still and focused.The creation of portable playback (walkman, for example) started the killing process in mid/late '80s.The nails on the coffin: Individual song download, and, wireless blue... 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Biggest mistake: Bow to peer pressure and then impulsively upgrade, unnecessarily. 
Can anyone identify this please.
No need to pile onto perhig on his/her trouble to upload any picture.On the other hand, no legit interconnects would have their make and model worn off so easily.  Seriously, the connectors of some laughable cables would broke off before the make/... 
Good CDs to Test Your System
The CDs and vinyls that you enjoy listening to, and listen to frequently, would be the best. 
Top Audiophile companies over the last 60, or so, years..your choices?
On my books, "top" means that there is no sour taste in my mouth from the time I made the purchase to the time I sold it, and I’d consider buying the same brand again solely based on how much I enjoy the ownership.A few that I could quote (in any ... 
Thoughts on the most difficult instruments for speakers to reproduce?
1) Piano (analog or digital)2) Tutti strings played on bow (digital)3) Cymbals (analog or digital)(in any order) 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
There is good concert hall in NYC? I meant, seriously?Carnegie Hall is from average to dreadful. Try sitting at the left orchestra around 20 rows from stage, 10 seats from the left wall. The reverb is a total disgrace when performing Mahler. Fishe... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
I personally would consider neither, but AQ has higher snake oil ingredients.  I used my shares of AQ for decades --- still actively use a few today (simply because I couldn't sell them off without massive loss).  My humble opinion is one would ge... 
New YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 Loudspeakers // Best Kept Secret ?!
I think I'd feel the stereo system from this would beat any YG on any given day: 
Thoughts on these speaker brands and models
At this price range, you shall trust nobody but yourself. 
How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs) this to move 200lb+ Wilsons and Egglestonworks up 3 flights of stairs (27 steps). You’d still need 2 people (one to pull, one to make sure ... 
Where to buy decent 845 and 211 tubes?
@ verdantaudioViva Solista.  It could accept 4 X 845, or 2 x 845 + 2 x 211