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Vinyl rips - still worth it?
I like the idea of doing vinyl rips. I love my vinyl front end and also being able to play a vinyl master (usually more dynamic range than CD/streaming due to the digital loudness war) anytime, anywhere has benefit to me.  
Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome
+1 for Schiit gear. I have a Mani, Mani 2 and getting a Skoll for Christmas. My understanding is that there is a lot less noise on the Skoll compared to the Mani. The music comes from a blacker background. I'll try to post some impressions once I ... 
surface noise reduction
Check out the new Schiit Skoll phono pre amp. Someone did a comparison of the Mani 2 vs the Skoll and posted some vinyl rips over on the schiit section of and the skoll had significantly lower surface noise.  
Is a home theater even worth it or doable?
Check out the upcoming Nakamichi Dragon sound bar system with 2 subs and wireless surrounds. It is supposed to bridge the gap between sound bar and a separates system. Looks pretty cool!  
Subwoofer - thoughts on Rythmic F12
2 thumbs way up for the Rythmik servo subs!  
Tekton Double Impacts
Anyone have a chance to hear the Tekton Nebo yet? Looks like a cross between the Moab and the DI. Very intriguing.  The review that I could find called it a "super charged" DI, but the DI was already the most dynamic speaker I've ever heard! You t... 
MoFi controversy
If I wanted DSD, I would have bought the SACD for $100 less.  
Are modern receivers any better than older ones?
Depends on the specific models you are comparing I think. I would only get a new receiver if i was into home theater and needed dolby atmos, otherwise your money is better spent on music geared seperates for pure SQ.  
Tekton Design - New IRL Technology - Lifelike, Real, Immersive
Hi Eric, what is the status of IRL? Looking forward to more info about it. Thx  
Tekton Double Impacts
Anyone notice on the Tekton website that they changed the frequency response from starting at 20Hz to starting at only 30 Hz? I wonder if Eric changed something on the speaker recently or if he's only adjusted the specs on paper...weird.  
Speakers known for great midrange.
I thought Vandersteen midrange was the best until I heard Tektons. Tekton are the best I've heard. Get the Moabs for 5k.  
Tekton Double Impacts
Congrats! You made a wise choice. Let us know your impressions once you get 'em in.   
Schiit Urd CD Transport vs Marantz CD6007 Player
Folks, Schiit will be showing off their Urd this thursday at their schiitrmeet. Looks like they will be streaming on youtube.    
Sound bar
Disagree, there are a few soundbars out there that do a good job of atmos while also providing a sub output. Depends on the bar.  
Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation
Another vote for the Ambeo. Best soundbar on the market. I have one and it blows me away everytime I turn it on. Best to wait for it to go on sale though. (Every so often goes on sale for 500 off). It is the no compromise sound bar for the home t...