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Name a few albums which helped determine your musical tastes
The Who Live at LeedsQueen 1 2 and 3Jethro Tull This Was Benefit Stand upCream fresh Cream Disraeli GearsMountain Climbing Nantucket Sleigh rideTelarc 1812 Overture 
Wireless earbuds
 From cheapo‘s to about 100 bucks i would like something that has decent Fidelity but Seeing earbuds are something that I would have a tendency to lose should I just get a pair of cheap/er ones    
What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?
ADS 300's with an 8 inch Sub 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
I use ADS l300s with an 8" Powered sub This little system sounds great and cost me under $$150. 
700.00 speakers new or used
ADS 810s or Just about any of their line from the 70s thru the late 80s early 90s 
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
ADS l300s 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
I listen to just about everything but One that stands out isThe WhoLive at Leads 
Watts and power
I always looked at wattage between Classes of Amps like horsepower.Some cars have high horse power with very low torque.some have lower horsepower with Higher torque.Torque is WATT moves The car. 
Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers
ADS 300s Especially if you add a Sub.Fabulous Mids and Highs.Very transparent.A pristine pair will cost you about 150. tops 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
1000 RangeADS L810 L730 1290JBL 4311 L36 L100 
Well maybe it IS my hearing
I believe it is all about our individual Ears and how much our ears Know.Musicians, recording engineers  and Audiophiles  have trained ears.All our ears are different. 
Entry level turntable for my son
Used Technics except for ones with a Plug in Cartridge. 
Bookshelf Recommendations
In my opinion ADS Book Shelfs will give speakers worth 10X their price a run for their money.Starting with their L300sII use a pair of 300s with a powered 8"powered sub. 
Is There a Speaker for Me/Impossible Requirements? (budget: $2000)
Check out ADS Speakers Although they are not built anymore you can find a nice used Pair.For the size of your Room a pair of L710 or L780. Both are 3 way. 
The Science of Cables
I agree with BSMG all of this is all about our Ears.Everyones are different.Thats iOS also just a start