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Musetec (LKS) MH-DA005 DAC
It was a truly difficult decision in buying another DAC. I purchased a Gustard X26 Pro and found such an amazing improvement that I thought, hmm.... what am I missing out on with an even better DAC. I was living in a cocoon I guess as I'm a pretty... 
Mixing Ethernet Cables
Is each run shorter than. 100 meters or 328 feet? If so, cat5 is fine.  
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
I think the Dynaudio OW-8 with an SVS Powered Sub is the solution. Thanks for pointing me there.  
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
@paradisecom Chill, as I originally said open to 'your crazy' comments. But, the anonymity of the Internet doesn't mean you can be rude. I apologize if my "just sayin" comment set you off. Was trying to explain that my budget was not a factor. ... 
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
I want something that is some assemblance of the sound I get from my main system. My outdoor living room is truly an outdoor living room. Currently, the AW6500s provide a decent amount of bass. Just not enough truly amazing audio I get inside.  
Which NAS should I choose?
Use a Synology DS920+ with 48 TB of storage in Raid 5. Seagate exos x16 drives.Use for music, photos, and movies. Works great. It used to support Logitech Media Server, but no longer. Can still run it, but need to do so unsupported. I run my LMS s... 
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
Thanks, I did look at those. Couldn't find many reviews. Let me see about return policy and maybe I'll check them out.  
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
It's a thought,but prefer having a permanent system in place. I have the speaker wire run and I use Ethernet for streaming. Find wifi sometimes unreliable for larger .dsf files. Regardless, thanks for the idea.  
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
Thank you, but not seeing the Near's as the improvement I'm looking for. If I'm looking at Dynaudio speakers, my budget doesn't need to be increased.... Just sayin'  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
3 picoreplayers using RPi4. 2 with USB amd one with Hifiberry hat outputting coax. Each has a Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen. Ordered a pi2aes to get I2S. Everything works flawlessly except VU Meter problem I'm having with USB. It's 0s and 1s for str... 
Need a DAC Recommendation.
Also highly recommend the Gustard X26 Pro. Only had it a few days and so much detail revealed that I wasn't hearing before. Have a Cambridge 200m in my outside system that I will ride for a bit longer, but will eventually replace with another one.... 
Appreciate Some Dac Advice
Also, super fast turnaround. Ordered from Amazon on the 18th and received it today.  
Appreciate Some Dac Advice
I received my Gustard X26 Pro today and immediately connected it. Logitech Media Player 8.2 > picorePlayer > USB > Gustard X26 Pro > XLR > Krell Digital Vanguard > Dynaudio Focus 360. All I can say is WOW! Even without burn in ... 
DAC? how much more $$$ to get a significant improvement over Bluesound Node?
I've recently gone through the DAC hunt to improve my experience. You should provide a little more info on your system and what you want in terms of improvement and what you prefer in terms of music sound.  
Changing USB input on DAC to Coax SPDIF?
By free, meant the picorePlayer and LMS app. Not Tidal or Qobuz? Just to be clear:-)