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Walker sst treatment
I have used this since it came out many many years ago never had a problem.  
Looking for an SS Integrated for Totem Mani-2's
RogalogDon't reply to a thread by trying to sell your amp to the poster. 
Joe Bonamassa Any suggestion's?
Yesterday I bought Sloe Gin and The Ballard of John Henry. Both are exceptional,looking to get You and Me and Black Rock.Thanks for the sugestions!! 
What's up with winged c 6550's? 
two problems on my new music hall dac 25.2
Did it not come with directions? and if there is a buzz in the headphone jack maybe you need to send it back or call the company. 
Small integrated for Silverline Minuets
Not US Bada DC-222 
Tube recomendations for a newbie
"One thing I am certain of, Chinese tubes are getting better, and they will be up there with the good tube makers, and perhaps wind up being the best of all!"I couldn't disagree more, Chinese tubes suck!I have two Chinese amps.The Bada DC-222 inte... 
Upgraded power cables- Who's on First?
From Single Cable website: Signal Magic PC Application: Power Amplifiers, Powered Subwoofers, Analog Preamplifiers and Power ConditionersThe VD cord is probably a Virtual Dynamics power 3 and is recommended for use anywhere but from my experience ... 
Two tube amps for your consideration please
OldtexasdogYour are very rude to people that were just trying to help! I doubt you will get much help from the Audiogone community because of that. 
how do you ship?
I just shipped an amp and pre amp by FedEx ground last Friday and insured the amp fro 2000 and the preamp for 1500 so I am not sure were that is coming from. I have an account but not sure that means anything? 
Speaker cable improvements
He ask for comments on MIT cables and all six post ignored that question but instead turned his post into a Paul Speltz Anti cables ad!Not one word mentioned in any of the post regarding MIT cables. 
Vintage integrated Amps. What to look for?
Wavetrader I have been looking for an Accuphase to show up on here and EBay and nothing as of yet. I have narrowed it down to a couple on Accuphase is one of two on my list. There was a Accuphase E-303x here that sold pretty quick. Sold for a pret... 
Vintage integrated Amps. What to look for?
Usblues thanks for the offer but I have spades on my speaker cables and I don't plan on changing them out. The Sansui 5000 wont work with them. That's why I was looking at the AU Sansui's or others that will except spades.Thanksagain. 
Vintage integrated Amps. What to look for?
I didn't realize there were so many choices. Started to get a headache looking at all the suggestions. I thought there would be a couple clear cut ones to look at that were at the top but there seems to be more than just a few. 
Vintage integrated Amps. What to look for?
Usblues Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family to and thanks for the responses.