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KEF LS50 Meta
Despite their flaws, a really good speaker from a price / performance perspective. Buy a pair from Crutchfield. 90 day money back guarantee.  
I see the issue with ABX blind testing
I am a believer in listening for an extended period of time (for me two weeks minimum) so the sound of the change is somewhat "baked" into your brain and then switch back to the previous item. And it minimizes the frailty of auditory memory. There... 
Esoteric Amps with Revel Salon 2 Speakers
I would look at Hegel or Pass Labs. Have you asked your dealer if you can do some "in home" auditioning over a weekend?  That would, by far, the best option.  
Subwoofer for music only ?
A REL T5X might be a good option to consider. Can get from Music Direct to audition with money back guarantee.  
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
I have had the JA Pulsars and a REL T10X sub for the last five years. Both in piano black. A superb combo. Will play very big for their size. Have decided to simplify my life and my audio system.   
Upgrade from DeVore Gibbon X
Many options depending on your existing gear and personal biases. If it were me, I would take a look at a used pair of Joseph Audio Pearls. Excellent price point / performance option. Consistently "best in show" awards (recently Axpona 24), rave ... 
Speakers, floor standing or Bookshelfs
Unlike an HT multiple speaker system, a two channel set up with a well integrated sub(s) generally improves the overall dimensionality, imaging and tonal density of any speaker system regardless of the lower frequency response of the speaker.  
Has anyone tried to launch a for sale ad here, lately?
Agree. Their pay pal and moderation policies, ad fees and prohibition on talking to anyone prior to a sale or purchase is absurd and extremely user unfriendly verging on intentional hostility. Use only if the other alternatives do not work.  
Jadis Symphonia CD Player
No such thing as the "best" transport or anything else in audio. There are certainly transports provided by other manufacturers (Luxman, TAD, etc.) that are comparable to the VRDS.  Best.  
Paypal drastic changes
Invalid, Thanks for the clarification. If you sell on AG but receive cashiers check and avoid PP,  does AG report the transaction to the IRS?    
Paypal drastic changes
All the above reinforces why I try to avoid PayPal at all costs. That and their biased policy towards the buyer in a transaction using PP. So if I purchase equipment from a dealer or e company equivalent, I pay taxes at that time. And if I use PP ... 
Dog pissed on speaker
At least the dog did not pee on the Dude's rug. If there is an odor, I would replace the driver. And they make products with a smell that deters dogs from approaching.  
Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
Buying vintage cd player to be used as transport makes absolutely no sense unless you like to gamble. Good luck.  
Streaming for Dummies
See what "What Hi Fi" and Steve Guttenberg recommend. Both are highly reputable sources.  
Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
Not recommended IMHO. Vintage means old tech, used and likely transport and laser wear and tear. Can buy a new cd player for $100 on Amazon. Quality, reliability questionable at best.