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Luxman leaves me wanting
That 590 has 30 wpc in Class A, and about 65 more in AB, into 8 ohms. I can't offer much advice, maybe borrow or try some different cables, to start. I have the Luxman L-590AX, which is the version prior to yours. None of the issues you mention ... 
Best Covers
Adam Levine's cover of The Way You Look Tonight.    
Best Covers
Steve'n'Seagulls cover of Thunderstruck    
Cream — Stormy Monday
Just stellar! Thanks, soix.  
Are there any issues with connecting speaker wire in this manner?
The solid-core copper isn't inherently brittle, but it work-hardens. Each time it is bent, that area becomes harder, and after being bent a handful of times, it will break. Use stranded wire, strip the ends, twist them together well, then the for... 
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced    
Led Zep Fool in the Rain
Well, not Led Zeppelin, but I'll throw it out here, somebody might get a kick out of it.    
Query on power cable with IEC C13 and US 2-prong
now if I only remembered how to highlight somebody's name, lol  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Luxman L-590AX integrated amp  
Query on power cable with IEC C13 and US 2-prong
erik_squires, your Luxman amp would have a symbol on the back panel, a small outline of a square within a larger outline of a square, which indicates that the device is indeed double-insulated  
Purchase on Audiogon arrived not as described
My second contact (after the seller) in a situation like this would be my credit card company. Everyone else is a middle man.  
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Probably replied a few years ago, but would have to be my HPM 100's. They survived quite a few parties. Bought them when they first came out, I'd guess around 1979.  
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
DH Labs Red Wave  
power cable
Chords are typically used with music.......  
Steely Dan UHQR
I agree.