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Besides Krell XD amps, who makes "smart home" friendly amp, IP control, Telenet, RS232?
I’ll add EMM Labs amplifiers to the list. "Each MTRX2 amplifier has a USB connection and an RS232 connection for system updates and for diagnostics and real-time monitoring. These ports allow for remote control, monitoring and real-time diagnostic... 
Besides Krell XD amps, who makes "smart home" friendly amp, IP control, Telenet, RS232?
@ghdprentice I am not sure about noise for two channel amps. I can tell you that with both the amps I have owned that were multiple channel and had ability to mute unused channels, there is a marked difference in sound quality in two channel mode.... 
Besides Krell XD amps, who makes "smart home" friendly amp, IP control, Telenet, RS232?
Good one! Looks like Aragon too. I've owned many Aragon amps. Yet to hear the newest models.  
which should I get Rogue RP5, Hegel P20, Belles Aria Preamp, Audible Illusion Modulus 3B
There is no way I would own Audible Illusions. Great sound but getting it repaired is s hassle and that's putting it mildly.   
5.1+ Processors with Best DACs/Preamps?
@ajant I find the review of the Benchmark DEAD ON. That's excactly what I observed.  
5.1+ Processors with Best DACs/Preamps?
@ajant The Six Shooter was a bridge for Theta to create an analog bypass because the Casablanca didn't have one. Yes, 20 Vrms balanced Class A on all their stuff. No refurbished stuff. Look, I know this suggestion is "far out there." It's just on... 
5.1+ Processors with Best DACs/Preamps?
Just make sure the Parasound P7 can output the voltage you need. Kal Rubinson had one so he may have an idea. I couldn’t find that information. Last thing on the Theta stuff, it is class A, fully balanced and 20 Vrms max output. It is just a lot o... 
5.1+ Processors with Best DACs/Preamps?
I have the solution but it's not very elegant. Buy a Theta Casablanca 3, regular not the HD, and two Six Shooters. The Six Shooter was reviewed in the Absolute Sound issue 158. It will compare to analog preamps in the 5k-10k range. You can run 2 f... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
@clearthinker Rondi D'Agostino is current the owner of Krell.  
You had Theta in the past, what did you move onto?
Trinnov is hugely expensive without the performance to show. With Theta, to say that someone switched and prefers the new processor is not as straight forward a statement as you might think. Many guys who owned the processors with the Premium dacs... 
In what ways is Mark Levinson better than Krell?
@68pete Which Krell amps?  
Gryphon Diablo vs. McIntosh C2700/MC611
@lewl28 Although the Mcintosh Como is more expensive, nothing holds it's value better than Mcintosh if  you ever decide to sell.  
Theta out of business again
Thanks for pointing this out. Sometimes companies get busy with the big things that they forget to do the "housekeeping."  Theta got the website back up after your catch.  
audible illusions vs supratek, vs holoaudio vs backert
Whatever you do stay away from Audible Illusions. Great sound but, you may want to sue them if it breaks. Service is that bad. Worst I've ever seen.  
Lyngdorf MP-50 Alternative
Theta Casablanca V. Pure analog bypass. Dirac 3 and better specs than any processor discussed.,Has ARCe too. 12 channel digital out as well