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Best Vibraplane Compressor Substitute?
Emb, as Sntax stated I've too heard from others the Symposium Ultra is good but not even in the same world as a Vibraplane. Bass via a Vibraplane is tight and controlled and more important very natural sounding. 
I NEED YOUR HELP with a turntable purchase
SME 20 or 30 is just to "dead" sounding IMHO. Yes they have the blackest background but no life to the music. The Yorke designs are simple and have PACE but because of Yorke mandating the use of his own arm they lack detail and focus and I'd never... 
Triplanar VII and Benz LP-S
Same experience here...wrote to Tri Mai about his tonearm.....never heard back! He lost a sale. 
Anyone try the new Parasound Phono Stage?
the JC3? There must now be more than a handful of audiophiles listening to this phono unit? Thoughts most appreciated. 
best transport?
Yes I was asking "favorite". I've heard the 47 Labs Flatfish and not impressed. Heard an Esoterci X0-3Se and it very nice maybe a bit on the neutral/sterile side (which isn't a bad thing) but looking more on the warm side of neutral. I've tried co... 
Triplanar is compatible with a Peripheral Clamp
Interesting thread. A friend owns a TTWeights Gem and tried mounting the Tri-Planar and when used with an outer ring found out about the problem mentioned above. He called the designer and was told to move the arm back by about 2mm and readjust al... 
Audio Note Step up transformers
Are you talking AN UK or AN Japan? BIG differences between the 2. 
Feikert Woodpecker
Have now heard this table (in a system I know well) and it is very honest to the source.There's one on Agon for sale at an extremely good price. 
Simon Yorke turntables-audiophile best value?
Just to be clear...I owned an S7 for several years....took me forever to sell it and I thought I was going to go for an S10 until I heard one and saw the price! Now there are S7's and have seen several S10's for sale that can not be given away!!!!... 
Simon Yorke turntables-audiophile best value?
I've heard the S7 and S10 and while the S7 in it's day was good the S10 is overpriced IMO. No support for alternative arms is also a problem. There are now more tables to choose from that are priced lower and sound better...yes this is only IMHO; ... 
Two Rel Stentors / one Rel Studio... question
2 will always (my experience) sound better. And are easier to integrate into a room and should actually cause a smoother response than just one sub IMO 
Simon Yorke new table....
I got an e-mail from a distributor that Mr Yorke wrote. Thought it might be appropriate to submit it."Grown up, it most certainly is. Twenty-five years worth of maturitymust count for something? Too youthful for a grey-suited approach, toomature f... 
Simon Yorke new table....
are you selling one? 
Stand out phono stages
Agree with Exlibris...Kondo M7, now if only I can ever afford one I'd be in heaven! 
ART Emotion Sig..anyone heard?
Thanks David12 for that clarification. Yes, is does seem expensive BUT I'm curious if anyone has actually heard the Signature version and would comment on it's sonics? I read on the Wigwam website that many "Brits" loved these speakers and some gu...