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Anyone Hear a Sophia Electric 300b
My Sophia´s shorted out within 3 years with VERY light usage. UNRELIABLE. They sounded pretty good while they lasted. But nothing like the Western Electrics I had before. Those were also like tanks lasting me years, why did I sell them? 
300B replacement
Thank you all for your satisfying answers. It looks like I´ll be trying the sp carbon plates. I know I liked the regular Sophia Mesh plates, but it seems that the sp carbon is really a big improvement. 
What comes after Jean-Marie Reynaud?
You need to check out Merlins. I have the JMR evo 3's and the merlins are the perfect antidote. 
Best of he 2005 expo home entertainment show nyc
The Merlin room blew me away. Incredibly natural and musical. For me, they captured life and timbre like no other room. 
Anyone a Classics 78 Expert Who Can Help Me?
The Haydn quartet recordings you got there are an incredible find. They are recorded by the Pro Arte Quartet, one of the great quartets of the early 20th century and whose recordings are I think rare.The Schnabel Beethoven recordings are legendary... 
5 Watt SET amp and Spendor 2/3 Speakers
I heard a 15 watt set amp driving spendor sp100's and it was more than enough power and sounded glorous to boot. 
best concert venue
The best hall I've ever heard is the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, then the Musikvereinn in Vienna. In this continent I would say Jordan Hall in Boston for chamber music, and Carnegie Hall is still magical overall. 
Classical music recordings upgrade
Abbado with Berlin is always good, Harnoncourt with European Chamber Orchestra is brilliant for modern recordings. Reiner/ Chicago you cannot go wrong with. And IMO, the best is Furtwangler with Vienna(?) live at the Salzburg festival but you'll h... 
killer violin tracks.
I just listened to Lucy Van Dael play the solo Bach Sonatas and Partitas on Naxos. It smacks of realness and the performances are incredibly organic and earthy. And it's only $7! I really appreciate the non-overly produced/processed approach too. 
Telarc cd's and Mozart's Requiem
La Chapelle de QuébecLes Violons du Roy/Bernard Labadie conducting on theDorian label is masterfully engineered and the performance is beautiful. This is the version completed by Robert Levin, not Sussmayr. They take a historical approach which is... 
beethoven string quartets
I find the lindsays interpretations incoherent and their intonation borders on the amateurish. 
beethoven string quartets
The quartetto Italiano set is on CD, philips. I agree with the above posts that it is very well recorded and are given committed, cultivated readings. They strike the rare balance of depth, transparency, spirit, character and at the same time avoi... 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
In general, I like Pletnev, he's a great pianist, and an excellent all around musician, a huge sound, a solid and individual approach to things, but I'm not totally sold. There's an underlying MAC truck thing going on that I find taints everything... 
Recommendation - Complete Beethoven Sonatas
I would agree with Gileon. The Schnabel set doesn't have the best "sound", but the performances are transcendental. I can't think of a better set... and the late sonatas are the best... period. 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Kissin playing Liszt Transcendental Etudes. He really captures the magic, fire and poetry of this fantastical composer. And I'm not a Kissin fan either. Incredible virtuosity in the truest sense of the word.