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If you're interested in making your own, here's a thread to one I designed.  Performs very well and almost ridiculously easy to build if you're somewhere that sells US dimensioned lumber -- 
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" drove me insane almost
I heard that sound decades ago when I first heard he album. Thought it was mistracking then.... but , ever listen to a live horn player -- close up?  When spit gets into the pipes?   Yup.  It's not distortion, it was there live too. 
Dunlavy Minimum Phase Mods
Here’s the (an) issue with that. They may do those nice square waves at one point in space, or maybe on a line from the speaker to the listening seat. But what about what comes out of it off-axis? All it takes is to face a speaker away from you to... 
Tech That Flopped!
Well, the problem with "time aligned" speakers like Thiele, etc. is that they.... really aren't.  Yes, you can put a microphone at some position and get the direct sound pressure from all drivers to arrive at the same time there.  But only the aco... 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
wait a minute.  After having Magnepan ribbons, Klipschorns, B&W 801s. Revels, you got.....white van speakers?!?Gotta be a story to that. 
Insane ground loop; anybody wanna try?
(I don't know if you specified it, but I couldn't find it -- does the hum vary with the volume control level, or is it there with the volume all the way down? -- I'm guessing the second, but just in case)There is another way for hum to get in that... 
Why Single-Ended?
Why doesn't Magico build horn speakers?  They are.... wait... oh, they do. 
High End Amp Price Collapse musings
Like a microwave a Class D is either on or off as opposed to a Class A/B which is always on. Not really... a Class A/B output device is either partially-ON or completely off. (Class A outputs are always partially-ON). The "partially-ON" part is... 
12" Tannoy Red. Worth anything?
Worthless garbage, very hard to dispose of.... but if you FEDEX  them to me, I'm willing to help you and take care of that for you!   :)...Yes, the drivers, you've found some pretty valued hardware. 
They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?
My version is "if I have to ask, they don't want my business".  No dealers are hurt if the mfgr lists a MSRP, I don't buy that argument in the least -- about no one actually charges full MSRP.  But at least it gets you well within an order of magn... 
Why are Harbeth speakers expensive while its drivers are not.
"Selling at a lower price decreases revenue and creates a higher demand."I can affirm from experience that is not always the case, particularly in a luxury or image-oriented market.  Without other info, people will first assume something is worth ... 
High End Amp Price Collapse musings
The thing about many of those big, heavy older Class A amps is that they were made so good. Think about it. Many people still have 1960’s and 70's McIntoshes at the heart of their system. Which of the McIntoshes were Class A?  Must have been a s... 
Materials to reduce sidewall flex & vibration ?
Maybe ceramic tiles?  Rigid, kind of light, and pretty inexpensive to try.  And the speakers would look right at home in the bathroom! 
Class "A" sound, as related to Stereophile.
For anyone looking to try some diffusors, here is a link to a design I did, using as similar process as by the Arqen site (who I got the technique from).  The difference is that I optimized based on using as-bought dimensions of inexpensive board ... 
Can a small speaker sound really really good?
boostb, if you want you can contact me at the obvious g-mail address....