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If you pay for repairs you can have my SIM2D60
going going gone. 
Does anyone know the value of BEL 1001 MKV?
I would say because of the fact that they are no longer being made or serviced by the original manufacturer, the price should be in the range of $1,200 - $1,500 for a used unit in good condition. It's a great amp. 
Where Have All the 2A3 Amps Gone
Probably their lack of power. 
Does biamping w/ SS + tubes work?
I have also been very successful in combining solid state and tubes. Best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned. Match the output levels and let your ears decide. 
Longest Advisable Speaker Cable Runs?
Bent Audio's website is are two different configurations. I am familiar with the stepped attenuator remotes. I have them in two of my preamps. His configuration is very transparent for a remote volume contr... 
Longest Advisable Speaker Cable Runs?
If you don't mind your integrated between your speakers, you may want to compare the cost of installing a "Bent Audio" remote volume control to the cost of longer speaker runs that will be necessary. 
Longest Advisable Speaker Cable Runs?
Keep your amp between your speakers and purchase longer interconnects. 
Von Schweikerts for HT: setup and combination.
Your Anthem's room correction software will match DB levels from all your speakers in your HT configuration so matching should not be a problem. I believe the center channel speaker is important to get right as far as sound quality. Surrounds are ... 
vahalla upgrade
I have a VPI Aries Extended with a 12.5 tonearm. I replaced the standard wiring with the Vahalla wiring and noticed an overall improvement. 
Biamping thoughts and opinions
I run 8 watt tubes on the top and 200 watt solid state on the bottom. The best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned!. You should as Ahendler stated above, match the gain of the 2 amps. 
Double blind test on Strads
It's great to see that todays violin makers are able to produce excellent sounding instruments at an inexpensive price point comparatively. Good news for all violinists/violists that want great sound but don't have the megabucks to spend. 
Great Organists in Rock
Chester thompson the organist. He has played for Tower of Power, Santana etc. 
Great Organists in Rock
Chester Thompson 
Bi-amping for HT
A Manley Skip Jack will allow you to use both your SP12 and your Pioneer receiver. You'd run your front left and right speaker line outs from both into the Skip Jack and out to your ARC D-90. 
What is Warmth?
Warmth = Classical on vinyl