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Anyone with Aric Audio experience?
My experiences with Aric have all been wonderful, both the man and the equipment. My Motherload pre amp is spectacular. I recently compared it to a 6h30 pre and a Benchmark, in both cases the Aric had very similar level of detail retrieval, but br... 
DSP Active Crossover
Please keep us updated . I’m especially interested in the learning curve, flexibility, and functionality of Audio Weaver.  
Tube preamp options
I recently compared a Benchmark pre amp to my Aric Audio Motherload 2. I wanted to try the quietest lowest distortion pre amp out there. The Aric was just as quiet and transparent, but gave a very likable tube coloration. It also gave a more spaci... 
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
I would also recommend Aric Audio. I have the Motherload 2. I love it, but thought “what would no preamp sound like?” I got a Benchmark and listened. The benchmark is very neutral and clean, but no more than Arics. I expected to at least hear a li... 
Pass XP12. Tame, Anemic?
@gladmo I sent the xp12 back and replace with Aric Audio Motherload. At the same time I tried a LTA mz3.  The Aric and LTA were similar sounding, the Pass just seemed to take away dynamics. Maybe those of us with extremely dynamically capable spea... 
Preamp match for my First Watt F-7 amp.
Hi, what is the sensitivity and impedance of your speakers?  At 20w@8ohm/30w@4ohm the F7 will be a problem with low sensitivity speakers, or perhaps speakers with 16ohm impedance.   
Speakers for string Quartets
Thanks for all the perspective!!!! I’m leaning towards the “British Invation”… question…with a pretty large room, open to kitchen/dinning room, I’m hesitant to go for bookshelve/monitor size.  I believe Quads would be great, but I don’t know if... 
Speakers for string Quartets
Thanks for the perspective, suggestions. I understand the argument that speakers reproduce sound, not just specific types or instruments. currently have modified Klipsch Cornwalls,(mods make them similar to Cornwall 4) they sound great with most... 
Looking for warm tube preamp (should pair well with Pass power amp), budget $6000
Aric Audio Motherload 2, I pair it with FW F8, F3, and Pass XA25. Fantastic! I swapped in Odam coupling caps, smooth and very clear, fast and transparent.    
Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
Has anyone tried the Grant Fidelity globes, (the spherical ones)?  Wondering if there’s any difference with the SE version? thanks, Ted   
Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...
Just got ENO and some Supra cat 8 today,  The 2 combined certainly made a difference, not huge at all, but definitely more “organic, analog” .  Definitely helped the sound of violins, my audio nemesis. Took away some of the edge. Ted YMMV    
Questions about Ethernet Cabling
I have Google mesh now. Set up just as you mention. Just wondering about the long coax cable to my modem , after that it's Ethernet. Maybe I'm overthinking. House was wired for CATV long time ago, not sure if improvement would be had removing coax... 
Questions about Ethernet Cabling
Any thoughts on coax cable? I have about 50’ of coax before modem. Any perspectives on moving modem and running Ethernet through house to router instead? Thanks, Ted  
Aric Audio Super 6sn7 Linestage
Aric is great to work with and his stuff is great! I have the Motherload2 and his kt88 single ended amp. Both are amazing!   
In house for review: AricAudio's Super 300B SET amplifier & Western Electric 300B tubes
I just got a used Kt 88se amp of Aric’s to go along with my Motherload 2 preamp.Wow! This amp has a sound I would describe as exquisite.  Just a beautiful sound!  I did comparisons with my First Watt F3, Pass XA25, VRD kt88,  and Aric’s.  For me, ...