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What's The Word On The Street? Bel Canto Ref 1000
Tbadder, where can you buy the same Ice amp for thousands less? 
Worst Name for A Piece of Equipment
Rhljazz, the phono enema is a perfect nickname for it. After all, it appeals mostly to anal-og-philes! :) 
Atmasphere, thank you for your explanation. Although I'm no EE I think I understand what you're getting at. I will have to try a suitably high quality and high power SS amp on my panels to see what it does to the treble.Yada, currently I am using ... 
Atmasphere, thanks for your informative comments. But I'm not clear on why it is unacceptable for some speakers to have an amp that increases power into a lower impedance load. My Martin Logans are superb, but among their very few weaknesses is th... 
Speaker preference Dali, Audio Physic, Von Swiekrt
I've heard 2 of the speakers you mention (Dali MS4, Audio Physic Avanti III), plus the VS VR4JR and VR9. First about my sonic preferences: I prefer a neutral, open sound, free of the speakers, with lots of transparency and dynamics. I found the Da... 
Recommend a Used Solid State Preamp for About $5k
Here's a SS passive pre that may challenge your Ref2: the Music First Passive Magnetic Preamplifie. If you do investigate this unit please be sure to report your findings; it sounds intriguing.BTW it costs far less than your price but that does no... 
SACD vs xrcd
Keis, FWIW...I'm inclined to agree with you. 
My oh my....guys check this out
Not insane. How much do Krell and Wilson charge for their huge boutique subwoofers? This thing may outperform them easily (seems as if it does, based on its rated output) and costs far less. 
Absolute Best CD Players Out There Under $12k ?
Robm321, which are the $50k CD players? 
Maybe speakers of the dreams ?
I too would love to hear from anyone who has heard these. There are some reviews in the British hi-fi magazines (Hi Fi Choice, Hi Fi plus) which were quite positive. 
Has MartinLogan gone too far with powered woofers?
The Summits allow you to cut the bass by 10dB at 25 Hz and also at 50 Hz. Has this not worked for you? 
Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth
Jax2, I already had 'El Cant de la Sibyl', but it is the 'wrong' version. So I've ordered the one on Alia Vox.Talk about synchronicity--just as I was reading this thread, I was listening to Sibyl...wrong version though it may be, it is haunting in... 
Omnidirectional speakers for home theater?
Check out this system posted right here on the Gon. All MBL surround. Looks like Copperbop is too busy listening to post any replies though...too bad. 
Tube amplifiers that really drive MBL 101E's
Exlibris, please post more on what you are hearing with the H250s and the MBL 101Es! If the H250 can do a really good job with these speakers, it will be something of a revelation...normally the only amps that get recommended are the super-pricey ... 
What Difference between Pass X150.5 and X250.5?
Teajay, you say: "X-150 became the X-150.5 when Pass decided to add the blue meter to the front of the amp, which the X-150 lacked. Otherwise, the amp was exactly the same." The Pass site seems mostly to confirm this, but they do give one measurem...