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Small Footprint SS Power Amps
Goldnote PA 10s when in mono blocks are 300 watts at 8 ohms and 600 at 4 ohms and very small foot print mates with their DS10 pre/dac/streamer also I small foot print  I am using this set up on my Audiovector r6 arrete plus I have  Auris Fortissim... 
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
I am enjoying my Auris Fortissimo integrated tube amp from Serbia it doesn't have a large exposure in North America 100 watts classA/AB there are 2 reviews online at Part Time Audiophile and Stereo Life Magazine they make my Audiovector r6 Arrete ... 
taww. Thanks for your response I agree Gryphon would be an awesome piece to compliment my R6 not sure if you are familiar with Auris Fortissimo integrated class A/AB tube amp  2 great reviews on part time audiophile and stereo life magazine.My Gol... 
Have R6 arrete on order. Going to use Auris Fortissimo integrated and Cardas Clear rev1 speaker cables. Think I am at my end game would like to add an SS amp just for the variety not sure what would compliment the r6. Goldnote DS 10 pre/dac/stream... 
A tubed integrated amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars?
Auris Fortissimo 100 watts/ channel check the reviews at Parttimeaudiophile and stereo life magazine   
New high end from Serbia? Auris audio
It retails for $15,000 Canadian $  
New high end from Serbia? Auris audio
I am in Canada and purchased from a store in Winnipeg Manitoba   
New high end from Serbia? Auris audio
Just purchased Auris Fortissimo to drive my Audiovector r6 arrete decided not to go with Krell K 300 i check review at part time audiophile   
Krell KAV-250p - time for change?
Krell K 300 I a whole new ball game   
Triangle Alphas
If Inwas to explore the hybrid route who is at the top of that chain   
Triangle Alphas
Thanks Russ69  I will checkout   Quicksilver and a couple of hybrid amps  
Triangle Alphas
No triangle owners just looking for any comments on your systems   
Best speakers 5k 10 k
Dynaudio Evokes 50 
Floor standing speaker recommendations new or used, $10,000 and under
I have had PMC twenty/24 went to twenty5/26 then to fact 8s which I still have I think they are superb. Also have on order Joseph Audio Perspective 2s two great speaker companies  
The best looking speakers
I was debating on Joseph Audio Perspective or PMC Fact 12. I have the Fact 8. I decided to go for the JA as it ticks all of my boxes also it is not a tough sell for eye candy in my sound room I am expecting delivery end of September decided to go ...