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What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?
@ronboco I also think the Rockport Lyra would be an interesting comparison to the XVX.   
What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?
@simonmoon  the op asked if there were any speakers that may be better than the XVX, less that $100k used. He didn’t exclude other Wilson’s. So if he liked the XVX the Alexx V may be a solution under $100k used. I agree live concerts are a must an... 
What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?
I ve also heard that the Alexx V is better thatn the XVX in many ways but the XVXs have larger scale. I’m very familiar with Alexx V and it is phenomenal but have not heard the XVX so this is speculation. There is a couple YouTubers that are showi... 
going from tube preamp to solid state
I agree the best for the money are definitely tubes. Given equal cost take the tube route. Cost no object SS,  but it will still come down to personal preference,  I like both for different reasons.   
going from tube preamp to solid state
I’m a tube lover from way back. I usually have both,  a tube pre and SS one. The thing is having them both was a good thing because eventually I sold the tube unit and kept the Spectral. I just found my self using the SS more.  It was so different... 
Jeff Rowland Model 8 or Plinius SA 103
Having owned that 801s3 I’d definitely go with the Rowland. That tweeter can get a little on the bright side with some gear. The Rowland model 8, which I also owned but with different speakers, is a fantastic amp. It’s not overly warm like the old... 
Boulder 2160 vs Dan D'Agostino S250MxV
Let me know how you like it.   
Dan D'Agostino Black or Silver?
Black looks so cool with the copper.   
Dan D'Agostino S250 MxV enough power for Wilson Audio Alexia V
I didn’t think it was enough. Tried with my Alexx V.   
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
I too have heard the same thing about the spectral equipment being fragile. I also know someone who has had problems with his DMA 260 and his spectral CD player. He said spectral is no longer repairing the older gear due to parts no longer availab... 
Is Spectral Audio on holiday?
What is the answer?   
mate for Spectral amp that is not Spectral
The Spectral 180 is particularly finicky about having its own preamp. They are very sensitive to RF and if you don’t have the right interconnect and preamp the amp can oscillate and over heat. The 180 runs hot anyway.  Once that amp breaks the com... 
Has anyone noticed a slow down in sales?
Yes I think High End audio sales are down across the board, dealers too. Most of us older guys have slowed down on switching gear like we used too, therefore we aren’t buying . After while we’ve heard  so much and settled into what we know and lik... 
DA Krell not nearly as good as DA DA, or was it?
I love the old FPB Krell 300c  
Amplifier for Wilson Audio Alexia V
@gdnrbob im looking at the same two amps and would love his number as well