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Wilson Alexia 2
So anyone heard them with Mcintosh gear?  Don’t want a hyper detailed sound that isn’t musical. Yet I don’t want them to be veiled either.  Musicality is priority  
wilson sasha daw or B&W 800 d3 or rockport Atria II or dali epicon 8 or sonus faber amati
Did you make a choice?  I bought the Wilson DAWs and never looked back. Great speaker!  This new generation of Wilson is remarkable there best work yet.  A giant leap forward over anything in their past.  
Good match for Spectral DMC-20 and DMA-180
You owe it your self to hear the new Wilson’s  
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Well I had the DAWs here for several months and absolutely loved them so much so that I decided I need more of this so considering moving up to the Alexia 2. Anyone done this. My room is so big in volume with the open floor plan and ceiling height... 
Klipsch, introduces The Cornwall IV, and I think it will be a killer !
to put this in perspective can you give me the strengths and WEAKNESSES of this Cornwall speaker as compared to the big money speakers in excess of $30k, and there are many.  
Looking for great Amp for Martin Logan Prodigy woofers
The Krell 300c is an excellent choice. That’s what I had with my prodigy’s however if you plan on biamping you’ll have real problems trying to do that with two different amps even with a crossover. They will never blend and sound coherent. One sin... 
AVALON Radian HC Manual
When did you get your speakers.  
AVALON Radian HC Manual
Actually I just looked for it and can’t find it. If it turns up I’ll let you know 
AVALON Radian HC Manual
I have a hard back copy that I must of not included went I sold mine.  
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
I run my Krell 300c on a 15 amp circuit and have never popped a breaker  
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
I really like the dynamics and rock solid deep bass of these amps. Could the be a little smoother? Sure, but I like them. Remember this is a D’AGOSTINO design and still a respected product. Buy one of his current amps and see what that will set yo... 
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
Jeff,  I don’t believe you will hear a difference in weather or not you have a 20amp breaker or 15 amp unless you’re running full tilt maximum output, which I doubt it if you in an apartment. The only way the breaker will come into play is if you ... 
VTL 7.5 S3 vs Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU
I will be auditioning the 7.5 s3 in my system in the future and comparing to the Rowland. I may be wrong but  my thoughts are that the bass will be better with the Rowland than the Tube preamp. I’ll keep you posted when I hear it. 
VTL 7.5 S3 vs Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU
VTL 7.5 S3 vs Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU
I believe the PSU sells for 7-8k separate but not sure exactly. I bought mine together