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Lp listing...Click
Its not the sellers fault. I have list several auctions here on audiogon, and lately when you even double space to start a new line to list an album, for some reason the whole ad runs together. best thing to do is _______ and start the next title ... 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Merry Christmas from Tucson, AZ. where it will be about 78 degrees today 
Rega VTA with clearaudio arum beta wood
Balance your arm, then set the tracking force. Start playing a record. Look at the arm and see if its level. If it is then your okay, if not, then you will have to adjust it. Also give a good listen, if you feel there's too much bass or treble, th... 
Tube Phonostage help
I added an audio research LS-7 and bought a Rotel 1080 200 watt amp to pair it with my von schweikert VR4 jrs along with the clearaudio Basic phonostage. That seems to have helped alot, instead of runing everythibg off my Nak AV-10 HT amp. Big dif... 
Tube Phonostage help
Thanks for your responses. I was wondering if this could lead to cartridge problems because of the limited settings on these units. I'm not in a position where i can keep buying and selling cartridges until i find one that mates well. I guess we w... 
Tube Phonostage help
Thanks Xronx: I have never owned tube gear before. I want to start out with a phonostage and take it from there. Thats a good point about the overload, it seems that a .8v to ,9v might work on some higher gain MM outputs. I think think the EAR put... 
Spanish Guitar
all CD's by Armik 
Help with NEW MC cartridge putchase
40 db just isn't quite enough. its borderline for a mc cartridge. you will need one at 2.0 or higher. best to spend a few more dollars and upgrade phono could get a step up transformer as well. 
Gain for Moving Coil Cartridges
60-65db at a .4mv cartridge 
Need advice in coming out from the analog dead
If your just using this system for analog, why not get a phono stage with a volume pod on it and skip the pre-amp altogether? Just a thought. 
Best system for ROMANCE
You can always come over to my house,,,,and listen 
Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??
Your exactly where i am at right now. I have just restarted an lp collection, and have purchased around 50 or so in the last 3 weeks.I still have not made up my mind on a TT. Though it appears to either be a vpi mk IV or rega 25 or michell gyro se... 
Best of value-based systems
Not much on yugo's, but i do drive a geo metro and save about $600.00 a month on gas, when i used to go out selling on the road.Sluggo, transparent cables introduced a new line of speaker cables at the cedia show. There a bargin! you can get an 8'... 
Best musician in the world?
might not be the best, but, medwyn goodall plays all the instruments on his alblums and records and mixes and puts it altogether in his studio in his house. I just recently found out about this guy. hell he's got about 26 cd's. i bought 4. and i'm... 
Most overpriced audio component made
Good point Treyhoss. but unfortunately he only carries a limited supply. He is one of these new breed dealers that are going to custom instalation.You have to order what you want. i called some stores in palm beach as well and same thing no demo o...