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Aragon 4004 channel dead,
Given that the root cause could be any one of many failure modes, it may or may not be fixable. We can't give you any more information other than 'take it to a technician.' 
Cables for low power amps and Horns?
VH Audio has designed a very high end speaker cable which is exactly what you are looking for (IMO). 
The profiteers have struck Squeezebox Touch $750
Wow. Good thing we're still on topic here. 
What amps do Electrical Engineers own...why?
I have an EE doctorate. I own BAT VK-120s, which I have modified extensively. I am currently building a preamp based on the Vacuum State RTP-3D (judicious modifications). 
Which loudspeakers work best close to back wall?
North Creek makes a line of smaller speakers which are designed for this purpose (near-wall). I heard them at RMAF in either 2010 or 2011 (I don't recall) and thought they were very impressive. 
Help: Replacement Caps Advise
Top quality electrolytic: Panasonic TS-ED; $2.65 each at Digikey. Designed for high ripple industrial SMPS applications, rated for 105 deg C. 
Capacitor question
Charles1dad - The electrolytics in the stock amps are absolutely standard for something at this power level and price point. To my knowledge, BAT isn't a nonprofit organization.Recently, I needed to repair one amplifier due to one electrolytic fai... 
Capacitor question
I have a pair of VK-120s which I have modified extensively, including VCaps. My experience is consistent with others'; the detail will remain and the fatigue will subside with break in. I second Dgarretson's recommendation of the interconnect wire... 
Grace Digital?
I have the GDI-IRDT200. When it works, it's great. The firmware works poorly and it reboots itself sporadically when another device connects to the wifi network. When I returned the unit for troubleshooting, they told me that there were no problem... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I have a pair of BAT VK-120s (VK-60 monoblocks). They are very good stock. Modified, phenomenal. They are absolutely never leaving. 
Lifespan of a quality solid state amplifier?
Does this conversation really need to diverge toward the negative? You’d think this was Audio Asylum or something. I frequent these boards because they’re usually (significantly) more civil. It doesn’t seem like we’re furthering much useful conver... 
Speaker Cable for SET amplfiier - 1000$
High efficiency speakers + low power amps + reasonable price = VH Audio speaker cables. The ultra low inductance is what you're looking for and will have the most audible effect. 
AC regenerator
PS Audio P500. Worked absolute wonders on my dCS P8i. Very highly recommended. 
Gingko Cloud 9 Scoutmaster
I tried Gingko products with my analog and digital sources, both with poor results.Isolating a turntable with a big floating sandbox / platform (DIY or otherwise) works very nicely. 
SACD vs. Redbook and other formats
The Beethoven symphony cycle on LSO Live (Haitink, 2006) is an SACD hybrid set. Probably the highest quality classical recording I own. The 16/44.1 layer is very good, but the SACD layer has smoother high frequencies (violins, oboe) and better tra...