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Sophia EL34-ST Tubes
I have the Prima Luna Premium Dialogue HP Amp. I was using the KT120 tubes for the last 2 years and although these are very nice tubes with airy highs and tight bass with plenty of slam, I found the midrange muddy and fatiguing. I switched back to... 
Bought a pair of Magnepan LRS. Should I buy a Schiit Vidar or Bryston 3B-ST?
Aerasonableman,Don't get suckered into the game of high powered amps. Yes the Maggies do need a high current amp with sufficient power to drive them but just because you have a 100 watt amp does not disqualify them from playing the Maggies. It all... 
Another new DAC: Audio Mirror
I have the Holo Audio Spring 2 with the Kitsune edition for almost a 8 months now and  I cannot be more happier with this DAC. I would say it compares to any of the more expensive DACs in the market (Denafrips Terminator or APL) which I have heard... 
Power cord recommendation for a dac?
I can't believe some of these so called "Audiophiles" who say that any ordinary stock cord is just as good as the higher end power cords. I just upgraded my DAC PC from an old Shunyata Research to the Pangea AC 14 XL with Cardas copper. I too was ... 
What loudspeakers do you have your Primaluna amp paired with?
I am using the Silverline Audio Sonata mk.III. Also a great combination with my PL Dialogue HP Amp. 
Anybody using a Holo Audio Spring Dac with a transport?
I am using Jay's cdt 2 mk.II  with the Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC (KTE Edition). It is a great combination. The big difference is connecting them with I2s cable. The sound is very detailed, transparent, 3D, huge soundstage and most importantly highly... 
Hdmi (I2s) upgrade
I am also interested in the Revelation Labs Reference HDMI cable. A lot of great reviews in spite of some earlier problems with delivery timing which apparently have been corrected. 
Hdmi (I2s) upgrade
HI,Thanks for the input. I will check out the Nordost HDMI cable. 
It's time to replace my 2009 factory-modded Wadia S7i with a current R2R DAC.
Holo Springs 2 Kitsune edition. You will love it. Read the reviews 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Lyn Stanley. any of her albums but especially her new one, "London Calling". masterfully engineered for showing off your system. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
All great guitarists mentioned here. As a guitarist myself, I am amazed at the perfection demonstrated by Joe Bonamassa.. He is the best I have  ever heard either on record or in concert.  
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
Thanks George.By the way, I bought the Holo Spring 2 DAC, KTE version. I could not be happier with this DAC. It is just musical. No need to elaborate.John 
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
George,Do you recommend buying the laser-lens with or without the mechanismThanksJohn 
Holo Audio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 Vs. iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC and Music Streamer
I own the Holo Spring 2 KTE version and to describe it as suspecting of being bright/clinical could not be farther from the truth. It is the most smoothest DAC I have ever owned. Very detailed and transparent with the best bass. Another words extr... 
DENAFRIPS Terminator & Jay’s Audio CDT-3 MK2, A Review
I have the Holo spring 2 KTE version and the Jays cdt mk.ll transport.I have tried all of the inputs with the I2s as the best sounding. AES was close but the I2s let listen further in the music.