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Does the streamer effect sound quality
Improving the PS by adding a LPS to the Node was a step in the right direction. Replacing the Node setup with the Innuos Zen Mk3 was huge! I'm seeing used ones going as little as $1550. That is a steal. No brainer.   
DACed and Confused here...
The Orchid is a real musical piece. The base unit is good but with the grannyring mods it in another league altogether. Well worth the extra price and used modified ones do show up online. A few months ago I tried to unseat it. Tried the Pontus II... 
Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
Hilde45- what did you move on to from the Orchid? I use a modified Orchid.  
Network Streamer using Wifi connected to a MHDT Orchid
Are you using Verizon for your WiFi?  
The hum from the DAC itself does not travel throughout the chain to my speakers. Last night I taped over the Ground Pin on the USB cable. No hum from the DAC. I ordered an iFi USB isolator which is supposed to cancel the hum.   
fuzztone- reread my post. You can’t get any further downstream than my speakers. At what point am I confusing my Streamer from my DAC? I make it a point to ignore your posts. The other responses are very helpful as they understand my issue pretty ... 
Auralic Vega G2 or Denafrips Pontus II 12th + streamer?
I'll second an Innuos streamer but to jump up to the Zen Mk3 or the Pulse. The Sense app is slick and sounds great. Paulcreed’s description of the Pontus II and Orchid is spot on as I’ve owned both too but I kept my Orchid. It has the upgraded par... 
Upgrading Bluesound Node power supply with PD Creative (Hans B. reviews on Youtube)
The Node/PD Creative upgrade is a step in the right direction but if you can part with more cash going with a Innuos, Lumin or Aurender streamer to name a few is a much bigger jump in sound quality. I went with Innous Zen Mk3. No going back for su... 
Help settle a streaming argument!
curiousjim- I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t have NAS and I'm just storing the ripped CD’s in the Innuos.  
Help settle a streaming argument!
OP - I upgraded my 2i with the PD Creative board and added a LPS. Was the out come better than a stock 2i, yes it was. I used the 2i as a steamer only. For years I’ve done a lot of sideways moves with gear and recently decided to bite the bullet a... 
Help settle a streaming argument!
polkalover, Yes, I did answer your question with examples. What “killer DAC”? I don’t know if my MHDT modified Orchid DAC is killer but it’s what I have settled on. Had the 2i in front of it, replaced it with the Zen. No contest, not even close.   
Help settle a streaming argument!
Well have you done it? I’ve been messing around with entry level streamers over the last few months, the Node 2i, all three Wiim products and a Zen Stream. The Zen came out on top but it’s not user friendly. Keep my Node 2i. I started researching ... 
Buzzing IC's
Tried that too. I'm using some inexpensive unshielded IC's now that have no issues but they are way to long.   
Buzzing IC's
Thanks! I thought that would be it. I tried a cheater plug on the subwoofer and the preamp. no difference. Crazy! I give up.   
Buzzing IC's
I tried a pair of Tara Labs directional cable now. Same buzzing as with the WBC Cables. Unshielded cables no issue. I should lift the drain on the Tara's.