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An evening to remember
Well written! I wish I could have been there. There is nothing that trumps quaility and it's ever-lasting. 
How to tame...
This is my biggest gripe. WHY do we have to listen to music so LOUD?? Then we wonder what hapeened to our hearing. OSHA gives fines to companies who's employees are NOT wear hearing protection and yet OSHA looks the other way at resturants, concer... 
Anyone heard Brokeback Mountain soundtrack CD?
It won last night, at the Oscars, "best music"! 
Blues recommendations anyone?
Mississippi John Hurt is more a "folky" style of the blues. Eric Clapton does some good blues too. Clapton's album "Me and Mr Johnson" is wonderful. He sings blues legend Robert Johnson's songs. Some great music. 
Any John Hartford fans?
Wow FroggerZ! I didn't know he signed his name like that! 
Any John Hartford fans?
If you folks want to hear John everyday, you can do some web-streaming here at: stuff. Tim Obrien is on the site too. 
Any John Hartford fans?
I wish I had a chance to meet him. Aeroplane is great too! I love the song "Bluegrass Music" where he sings the name of 50 to 60 Bluegrass artist in one breath. His tribute album (his last) is worth getting. 
YES Diana Krall Verve Catalog to release on LP
That's great on the LP! I'm just waiting for ANY new release on a CD or LP. I wish every recording was done as well as hers. 
Looking for a soundtrack
Try I have one and very popular record; all bet I have 2-3 more in my duplicate boxes. 
What are we "hear" for?
Jaybo,Your not one of those who buys a CD for just one song and doesn't listen to the rest of the CD?For me I buy for the quality in the recording. 
Recommendations for sound engineers
Keep'em coming! This is great! I wonder if any of these sound engineers are audiofiles? Thanks for the great info! 
Miles Davis--Cellar Door Sessions?
Acoustic Sound has it coming. Find it here: 
Jazz from Europe?
Some great jazz recordings are found on the Enya label!Kenny Barron for one. 
Meet The Beatles
The song you just cant stop playing???
Qualia8, you sir have great taste in music. Goldberg Variations, what a wonderful piece of music. I never grow tired of listening to it.