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Are You a Swifty?
Another garbage thread.   
They also take a % of whatever you charge for shipping.  
Triode Wire Labs
Thank you for the responses, they are very helpful. On the Western Electric wire, that would be very surprising as well as interesting. That would give his cables a “Dueland” type performance perhaps, but takin to a higher level by his design inno... 
Triode Wire Labs
I did think of that but was apprehensive, some folks don’t like nosey questions about their products, some builders don’t even bother to answer emails. I won’t mention names.  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
@ emergingsoul, I care about the planet, and your comment is nothing but nonsense, and personal attack on the folks on this thread. Go away, please!  
Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome
@ tomic601 What is a Vandy...?   
Vinyl record storage in Harvey's office, Suits TV show
Best show ever!  I wondered the same thing about who built it. It gets moved a time or two to different offices as the show progresses.   
Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
@tksteingraber  I have read that it’s closer to 50% of them are noisy/microphonic. That’s pretty good odds of getting bad tubes. You really need a competent and honest seller if you are going to buy them.   
Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
@Linlai Elites E $354 delivered for a pair of chinese tubes? Oh hell no. Plus, chinese tubes are notorious for short life span. Good luck with these.   
Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
Interesting thread. I have been a 6SN7 enthusiast since around 2003. After owning and using all the better versions in that time, I have finally stepped off of the 6SN7 merry go round and settled on my latest find. I am now using Ken-Rad 7193 with... 
Garage into listening room?
@ audiodwebe You live about 30 minutes west of Tacoma? Wouldn't that put you in the Pacific Ocean, or the Puget Sound? I was up there in the early 70's as a GI residing at Ft. Lewis, so my memory of the area has faded a bit.  
Garage into listening room?
@ skids Who cares about all this audio stuff. Tell us about the 64 Corvette!!  
Favorite Eagle
As a person, Randy Meisner. Joe was a screwed up drunk, Glen Fry and Don Henley are a** holes. But as artists, Don Henley is the favorite.   
New Pass Labs Go To
Why is it ok for ghdprentice to drop his political comment on the thread and not have it deleted? I thought we were in a politics free forum???  
Looking for people who had heard both the Kuzma 4point 9 and the SME V...
@hsounds, Send in the cartridge for what exactly?