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I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
Uhhh think this is all a little tongue in cheek of course but if what your lying about doesn’t wear lipstick than it really doesn’t matter much.What you might or kick around with your priest,rabbi or pals is if your really intend to buy $300K spea... 
Best Rock Drummers
best New Wave drummer IMHO was Clem Burke.Pirre Moerlin of French Gong was awesome fusionm drummer.I liked Simon Phillips of Brit art rock fame.Not everybody is going to bea Moon or Bonham but that's why they are Moon and Bohnham.Oh yeah Zappa's m... 
Does anybody remember the pianist Fred Crane? seems like a back up man and with those short list of credits I dunnoh.But maybe it's crime of century he never got more work.But I had to look him up as I never heard of himChazz 
Keith Jarrett
"Bye Bye Blackbird","Your The Night And The Music" are great.Really anything by him,Peackcock and Djohnette is like a well oiled machine since they have ben working together so long.Them and any pianist lucky enough to get George Mraz and Lwewis N... 
Tom Waits Bad?
Somebody's piano must have been drinking and got a nasty disposition. 
Recordings with BASS
FLAC 24 bits
Why not listen to both?I would guess Oppo because you have superior DAC'sChazz 
what are your favorite movie soundtracks.
The David Aram recording for "The Manchurian Candidate" 
Brad Mehldau
Great technically but too precious.Saw him and he hadf state enough to close with non-jazz tune Nick Drake's "Riverman".But like Wynton (as solo man) technique and not make up for lack of soul.Chazz 
Van Halen or Van Hagar
Von Zepplin. 
krell ksa-250- vs ksa-200s vs fpb-200
I would wonder how those numbers were arrived at.The FPB might sound a bit more refined but what speakers you need would also determine things.If you think you ever might get some really low impedance loads the KSA series was only one to ever rema... 
CPI super platter vs. Classic aluminum platter
Not having gotten a chance to har he new aluminum I wonder how good it is myself.I know one guy here (wish I could find him in systems if he is there) made a plinth out of a solid billet and told me he researched what aluminum was a type must iner... 
Any JBL L150A users out there?
Oh ma does mention bring back memories.Kid in HS dorm had a pair in 1980 and they were to die for.Love to hear them with my KSA 300S not the S.A.E or Ampzilla of the day but will still like to hear the hippy tunes like Dead's Terrapin Station we h... 
Bryston BDP1- loading problem
Would like to follow this myself.Chazz 
CD Player with Polarity Invert?
Adcom a few years ago has a model but they are hard to find.Like during the days of cassette taping you would scratch your head thinking why don't more CD players have a compression circuit to make tapes for road..Tough find.I would try to find a ...