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new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
@ghasley  So how does MA3 stack up against emm Labs dac2x?  
Wireless vs. Ethernet for Streaming
Assuming your network stack is properly configured and the implementation of both wired and wireless is within spec and competent (that means competent digital noise control, etc.) in the streamer, both should sound the same. Just remember, all n... 
Bit the Dollar and bought headphones.
Do yourself a favor and get a pair of HD600/650/6xx and use that as a reference for all your future purchases. HD600/650 has one of the best mid range performance out of all of the headphones when properly amped (pretty easy to do). Music lives i... 
USB sucks
The optimal way to play a digital file has already been found over a decade ago - DLNA enabled or other network enabled streamer with built in DAC. This is essentially a CDP for the modern era. One box fully integrated and optimized solution witho... 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
Looks like we are all in agreement here. I approach buying gear in pretty much the same way. I eliminate truly horrendous measuring gear (like border patrol) and then see what’s available near me for audition.  
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
@djones51 To me “measurement first” subscribers will keep a piece of gear solely because of measurement even if this gear is steering the person to listen to certain kind of music. “Listening first” will get rid of a piece if it sounds bad to that... 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
@rbstehno I don’t understand what you are trying to imply here. I write about stuff I own and heard. I do have a lot of experience with Linn DS as I have owned various DS over a decade. I don’t talk much about my Ayre and Chord front end because t... 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
I suppose we all prefer different sound. I owned Benchmark at the same time as older Linn Klimax. I got rid of Benchmark because it sounded like POS next to Linn. You do you and carry on with measurement first mentality. I use my ears and keep the... 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
The suite of measurements ASR runs through is meaningless in terms of making any purchase decision - granted it is one data point. Benchmark and ADSM both measure well, but ADSM sounds amazing and analogue but Benchmark sounds like POS.  
Ayre QB-9 twenty vs Chord Hugo TT2
Make sure you use a high quality USB cable, preferably one with separate power as Codex USB is bus powered. I use a two headed cable so power is completely separated from signal until the very end.  
My thoughts on my new Esoteric k03xd CD player.
Doesn’t sound so impressive. Emm Labs, Playback designs and many others achieved this level of performance a decade ago.  
M scaler or Cables
How about a new DAC? Just don’t want you to waste money.  
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@dpac996 Are you still using USB? I would get the network module and enjoy the much more robust and error free TCP/IP network. Note you will want shielded cable (cable and RJ45 connectors all need to be shielded - any generic Cat7 or better cable ... 
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@dpac996 I feel like this generation of high-end DAC/streamers are really converging in terms of being almost indistinguishable from high-end turntables. I have heard the Naim ND555 and have Linn ADS Katatlyst and they both sound extremely good, l... 
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@dpac996 totally agree. Well implemented ethernet DAC is in another league compared with USB and you don’t need all the band-aid solution to make USB work well. I think Linn had this whole thing figured out over 10 years ago. I still use my 10 yr ...