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Innuos Sense update defaults to random play
@oldears, how about the "Play Album" button?   
Innuos Sense update defaults to random play
Confirmed that if you are using "Shuffle Album" and restart the shuffle setting persists after a restart. So it seems as though you selected shuffle at some point and have been using the play/pause button in the Sense player to start and stop your... 
Innuos Sense update defaults to random play
@oldears, I did this update a few days ago but mine (Zenith MKIII) plays songs in sequence as expected. I haven't messed around with this much but it looks like playlists have a shuffle button which I assume stays set after reboots and upgrades? T... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Noel Gallagher - Council Skies  
@saarnold, you mention streaming but the Zen is a streamer / server. Are you looking to rip and store music or just stream? If you are just looking to stream then the Pulsar line may be a better way to go.   
Parasound JC5 appropriate temperature Too hot at 95deg?
The leave on / turn off argument has been debated many times on this forum with no solid resolution that I am aware of. I have a tube based DAC and the manufacurer specifically says to leave it on if you listen regularly. The argument for that is ... 
WiFi extension for streaming
Google Mesh also allows you to prioritize your streaming device from the Google home app. Definitely a handy feature if you have other people competing for bandwidth.  
Best Fortune Cookie Fortune Ever
We've been hoodwinked...many years ago they transitioned from fortunes to random observations. This one certainly is cool but it doesn't measure up to the old school predictions we used to get.  
New Lampizator Baltic4 or demo/used one?
This question (or one similar) was asked in the Baltic 3 thread on WBF. Unfortunately there was not a clear answer. If you look on the Lampi (Poland) website there is a pricelist document and in there is a sound quality chart followed by another m... 
would innuos mk3 streamer benefit from network filter
+2 on the Network Acoustics ENO. I had a Phoenix USB but sold it. The ENO made a much bigger improvement and it was imediate.   
Lampizator Questions
@designsfx , thanks. No distortion from either position. As @willgolf mentioned, there is an enthusiastic and active group of Lampi owners on WBF. If you have your eye on a particular model and have a specific question you can probably get more pe... 
Lampizator Questions
Been using the Baltic 3 for over two years and it has been solid. Build quality is very good and am super happy with the sound attributes. As the B3 has no VC it has the high / low gain switch which I run in the high position. I can run it in eith... 
Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 vs Extreme
@panerai557  Congratulations.  
Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 vs Extreme
At a glance, it looks like these reviews were conducted nearly three years apart. He reviewed the Rhumba 1.1 in early March 2016 and the LTA in late November 2018. I'm wondering if he was able to compare these side by side in the same system or is... 
Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 vs Extreme
Hi @panerai557  So I can't compare the 1.3 to the 1.3 Extreme but I can compare the 1.2 to the 1.3 Extreme which is the upgrade path I took. First I will say that I loved my 1.2. It replaced a Parasound P5 that served its purpose but was somewhat...