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New cables...
@megabyte I am very much on board with all of that.  To hear a difference with cables, you really have to take extremes.  Cables are jewelry for hifi systems, unless you have to resolve real issues like rf, long distances, etc..  
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced
@retrocrownfan ​​​​​@vernv . . . +1 and +1. Plenty good, designed for what we use them for. No need for anything else imho.  I would add canare to the short list.  
Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!
You might get an even GREATER sound upgrade by moving slightly your speakers, playing with toe-in angles.  for FREE. Also, just to make sure that it was worth spending all that money on cables, just get some good canare or mogami affordable cable... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
I have too.  Stirling ls3/6 is the pair that my kids will inherit. Now I'm not letting this stop me from trying other things... Ah.  
speakers cables for Lavardin and Harbeth?
It really depends on the length you need more than anything.  I would definitely choose the 4s8 over the 4s11, biwire bare connections configuration if possible. Cheap to try too.  
Monster Speaker Cables
it's a 10awg cable made of good copper... should be great!  It's the connections I would be worried about.  They are probably made of metal that is not as conductive as copper.  Bare is best.  
PS audio or Moon
I have a gaincell stellar pre/dac along with the s300 amp. I am really happy with what i have paid at MSRP. Not a bad choice at all.  I am sure the same can be said about Moon   Your short list is very very good.  
Totem Towers
If they are as good as the hawks, then they're a no brainer for small/medium spaces, without a sub.  I am so impressed with the soundstage that my hawks produce, so impressed by the quality of the components used and assembly. Too bad there's not... 
Wharfedale Lintons ... Any great amp pairings?
@ml8764ag , yes sir... s300 with Lintons is a good audio treat.  The ps audio really takes them to a satisfying level.  
Wharfedale Lintons ... Any great amp pairings?
In my experience, the Lintons pair well with "brighter", powerful amplification. Class D, like the parasound 200 integrated, brings them to another level. Someone mentioned yamaha, i believe that.  
Really Long XLR
+1 on mogami 2549 with neutrik.. I have found the belden 1800f quite on the bright side, not a bad character if you need it. For such a lengthy xlr, depending on rf conditions perhaps starquad is a valid choice... Mogami 2534 or canare l4e6s for... 
JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation
These are very nice speakers indeed.  I have never owned a JBL speaker and I want one. If you have trouble sleeping, you can always drop them off at my house for a couple days.  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
belden 5t00up. Clarity, control.  
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
Class D is fine - what really matters is the pre-amp.  That;s where the desired warmth can come from.  
Are you interested in the new generation of "old school" design loudspeakers?
Yes, love big speaker sound.  I rediscovered that sound with the lintons, and now with ls3/6. You can't cheat physics.  I do not think i will go with slim towers again.