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Arcam SA30 issue with input
Have you checked if it's running the latest firmware? I went through several updates on my AV40 before it was rock solid.   
Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Recommendation
I got the Anker Soundcore xt600 and it's OK, better than most but could be better. Stock EQs leave something to be desired. JBL has some good options which I'd probably try if given a redo.  
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
I've had good experiences with Triode Wire Labs, a brand that has a good reputation by many here. I noticed a slightly more relaxed and natural sound adding it (Digital American 2 cable) to feed my Lumin U1/X1 power supply.  
Power cable Advice...
@ghdprentice I’m currently running a Shunyata Venom HC for my amp (direct to wall and on its own dedicated 20amp line), and have always had good experiences with AQ.   What do you like about the hurricane? I’m wanting to step up on the PC front ... 
Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
Likewise @kennymacc , that's the fun (and expensive part). It's a journey no doubt!   I hope to hear them someday.  
Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
@kennymacc I did listen to Sopras and Kantas when I auditioned, but unfortunately not Salons. The thing that seems to be repeated is the Salon2 punches way higher than its price and wish I could have heard it. Unfortunately those specifically I co... 
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@yyzsantabarbara I decided to start with the XP22 because it while maybe not the most excited or colored, it’s still very good as a neutral reference point since I was just starting my journey then.   Now that I’ve got the amplification leveled ... 
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@yyzsantabarbara I am now the proud owner of that Coda 16, and my initial listening impressions are pretty stunned for the positive. I saw you share that and didn’t chime in to jinx anything until I bought it!   Compared to the JC5, everything i... 
Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
@steve59 I was contemplating given Upscale's closeout on them, but decided to sit tight.  
Cream — Stormy Monday
Another one worth listening to is Clapton’s Crossroads 2 (Live in the Seventies) album.   One more that is stunning is the Cream album Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-4-5-6 2005. My personal fave.  
Music Doesn't Get Better Than This.
The whole Snakes & Arrows album is phenomenal.   
Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
Thank you all, very insightful and appreciate all the feedback. The deal is the place I bought the Kantas from is local and have the sale on the Salons, however they just sold their last demo pair so I wouldn't be able to hear them. They also won'... 
McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.
@77jovian I agree. Recently bought a 2024 M3 with Harmon Kardon and there’s a BMW forum thread trashing the sound system. In reality it’s far from bad but obviously not close to home systems, and expectations should be tempered. Jeep obviously pa... 
Lumin upgrade
I'd be curious how the U2 improves on the excellent U1 in the real world but Lumin has always been excellent, so can't see how one could go wrong.  
Preamp vs Av receiver preouts
Another vote for dedicated preamps making a world of difference. Like you, I have a great receiver (Arcam AV40) but adding a Pass XP22 was a game changer. I have it hooked up to the preamp HT bypass, it works great.