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My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Sweet system, Bigtwin. It appears the time and effort you put in paid off BIG TIME!!! PS- LOVE the Strat in the one image, as well :-)   
A track list I bet many of you will LOVE. COOL Jams for a HOT summer...
I made the list specifically to be ’under the radar’ tracks/artists that my audiophile buddies (all music nerds) haven’t heard. I dug DEEP for these gems... Enjoy :-)  
Not Chinese Fakes But Not big $$$ Either
Bigtwin: Thanks for the mention and posting. Nice job constructing the cables! I look forward to your listening impressions when you get the rest of your rig up and running. Enjoy :-) Carlsbad: "squeeze type wire stripper would make your life eas... 
The best coupling caps in power amp ?? Mundorf, Infinicap ??
I apologize for the late reply. Atmasphere is correct, as it relates to many capacitors that used 'teflon' film… before V-Caps were introduced in 2004.   The TFTF or CuTF series V-Caps don’t change capacitance, and aren't deformed or damaged wit... 
Capacitor question
Hello, Dave. First of all, I wouldn't panic - as the nature of the teflon dielectric is that it needs some time to settle-in. The exact mechanism that causes this with teflon dielectrics is unknown, but is well documented with Teflon insulated (or... 
Psvane Teflon capacitors real or fakes?
With all due respect, Rachel (I understand you may simply be the messenger here), I feel compelled to remove some of the wool from the “official response” you posted by Psvane. >>> Psvane’s Polyester/Mylar capacitor was marketed with “Tef... 
Any issues with Money Back Guarantees offered?
PayPal refunds the fees back to the seller, if the transaction is refunded within 60 days. They shouldn't be charging you this, if it was within 60 days 
VH Audio AirSine
Hi, Psychic. Sleep deprivation problem has been eradicated :-) Just needed to lay off the espressos and get caught-up with my work. Thanks for your offer, though. 
VH Audio AirSine
Sean's right. In my sleep deprived state, I forgot to add links to the AirSine pages. He was gracious enough to give me a heads-up on this. Kudos to Sean :-) 
Review: VH Audio Flavor 4 Power cord
I agree Sean. Wonder flows like a dream, although I prefer WBT for silver/silver or copper/silver connections... Much harder to work with, though... 
Review: VH Audio Flavor 4 Power cord
>>>Would either Thorman, or Chris, himself, be able to comment whether an "accelerated" break-in (professional device, or budget gadget hooked to home appliance) can speed the process of reaching full cord potential?<<<I recommen... 
Is this rude?
When in doubt, put yourself in the other person's shoes. If YOU were the dealer and had someone intentionally wasting your time, how would you feel about it? At the very least, you should at least be up-front and OFFER to pay this dealer for the S... 
Should power cords have filters on them?
Is it possible for you to post without mentioning your own products at every chance you get? 
Personal speaker evolution
Klipsh CF-3Klipsh CF-4PSB Stratus GoldAudio Physic TempoLegacy FocusGallo Nucleus Reference (still own)Audio Physic LibraVon Schweikert VR-4jr (will take delivery in 2 weeks) 
Anybody hear the Von Schweikert VR-4jr at CES?
Those speakers are the ones I remember most from my CES excursion. Very dynamic and natural speakers. If I ever move out of my AP Libras, I may go with these...