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Best Integrated, period.
Sansui G9000 
What time do you wear?
Rolex, Eco drive,omega,longines,Movado, and a timex.Love watches. 
Sonograph SA-250
I want to buy a crown studio ref amp to power my diy speakersTidal sunray clone .will this give a better sound then mark levinsion ml 23.I know I can get an answer here.Thanks. 
DIY Wilson Clone Speakers?
could any one tell me please what size box or how many liters that the dynaudio 21 w 54thanks. 
Dynaudio C1 II vs Focal Micro BE vs Harbeth SHL5
On the focal what a friend of mine did was, He replaced the tweeter with a morel tweeter 1308 and the sound hadnot have the hassness, Its been very sweet to listern toall day long. 
Best bargain find ever ?
Nakamichi cassatte deck mr 1 for $25, Rotel rc 995 for $150without the remote. Atec speaker 879A for $100, Fisher tube amp x100 $10.50. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
mark levinson ml 23.5 is for keeps It plays music as itis ment to be enjoyed.I have had a lots of amps. 
Your First System
kenwood ka 5500 amp, sanyo turntable,panasonics top loading cassette deck,and kenwood speaker k555thses were in 1978. 
Rotel rc 995
poprhetor, Yes I do have a lot of lps, 
Rotel rc 995
Mateored, Thank you for that. 
Rotel rc 1090
Roxy54,thank you for pointing that out, where am I surpose to post this ? I just bought the rotel from a member whocalled himself Chris,and harvydent on audiogon, but nevertold me of this problem, and will not answer or reply to the email. 
Budget Tube Integrated? + Tube related questions
What is the better pre amp to use with a mark levinston ml 23 I bught carver c11, too much bass even when turned off. Toshiba same thing. I am using rotel rc980bx , I am thinking about rotel rc 995if any have one to sell please let me know.thanks 
How do I bridge a ML27?
Yes the ml23 or 23.5 are very nice power amps I have twoof them that I was thinking of monoing my speakers will take upto 800 watts at 8 ohms.the ml is 200 watts or 250 when we ran a test on them what is the best way to run the amps. some one said... 
Are You a Sansui Lover?
When a friend told me of sansui I laughed at him saying sansui ? when I finally got the G8000 I could not belive how very good thay sound, Now I have the G9000 and the G8000, and also have the G7000. They are wel made and still in very good shape ... 
Mark Levinson No.23 vs McIntosh MC7300
Yes I have the ml 23 and not the 23.5 I must tell you whenyou want a clean sound mls is there. A friend of my have the mac he always love mine when he comes over, Take the ml23