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What are the best interconnects.
The finest sounding and transparent interconnect ever made. Hyper detailed. buck stops here. Have two pairs myself. 
The Ultimate DAC for Approx $10,000
Thanks everyone.I've decided to settle on the AMR CD77.1.The digital (DAC) area is changing very fast, thus more opportunities for DSD playback will be available in the future. In which case, I'll just purchase a DAC down the track as the CD77.1 i... 
The Ultimate DAC for Approx $10,000
So nobody here favors the Playback Design? That's amazing considering the great reviews in the past 
The Ultimate DAC for Approx $10,000
Thanks Mitch, but was hoping to stick to the ones noted above. 
The Ultimate DAC for Approx $10,000
I compared it to the AMR CD-77.1 and the AMR sounded absolutely fantastic on instrumentals and had tremendous detail and tight bass.The AMR Basically relegated the old Audio Aero to the side lines. 
Anybody heard LA SOURCE of Audio Aero?
Anyone with either of these two players, with some feedback?As I'm thinking about dropping some hard earned cash on the La Fontaine DAC. Main reason is that I love the sound of my old Audio Aero Capitole MK II (10 years old), which has served me p... 
Amps for Sasha
No offense, but I know a person who is running them beautifully with a pair of 30 SET tube amps. On paper you would think so, but numbers only tell half the story 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
You must be joking. I've just heard the lightspeed attenuator in shootout with the Firstwatt B1 and the B1 killed the lightspeed in terms on dynamics. In fact I could not recall a single aspect where the lightspeed would be better. These are my th... 
What racks/amp stands do you own or have owned?
The Audiav Crystal audio rack complete with dual layer sanwiched granite shelves. 95kg total weight 
Isolation Platform for Clearaudio Performance
Look up they have specific platforms and racks made for various turntables 
"O Perfect Preamp, wherefore art thou?"
You could try the Supratek Grange. Contary to popular belief, he may still make a no holds bar version on special request. 
Audio Racks & Equipment Support
I've used an Audiav Crystal rack to good effect for around a year. Not cheap, but great nonetheless. 
Opinions Req. Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Ear Phones
Thanks James,I too wish to use them with the iPhone.Anyone else wish to comment? 
Opinions Req. Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Ear Phones
Sorry, I mean AKG 701.The UE-11 Pro from Ultimate Ears is a relatively new 4 way transducer based in ear speakers and seemed quite promising. The only problem is that since they are custom molded to you ear, one cannot exactly listen to them and c... 
preamp with two adjustable outputs??
The "Supratek Cabernet Dual" does exactly what you're wanting. There is a excellent review on 6moons.Btw, you might be able to pick one up second hand