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Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?
I was able to get my all my upgraded Cables (Pro series ) from Rick just before he closed up the operation in Texas. A lot of Audiophiles complain about the cost but, there are more expensive Cables out there that dont perform as well. I was able... 
High Fidelity Cables?
You guys made some valid points. I believe a company can make fantastic products but their business model can have some problems. I dont think any HFC product becomes obsolete when new ones came out. The older stuff/ cables is still better than a ... 
High Fidelity Cables?
There is always two sides to the story. I heard there were a lot of internal problems with HFC that had to do with staffing, along with supply issues . Maybe some head bumping ?. Someone will get pissed and sling Mud, say bad things ?. They are cl... 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
I forgot to mention, Audio Note UK.  
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
Bob’s SUTs are great for the money.My favorites :- Thrax Trajan                          Ypsilon                             Auditorium                              Audio Note UK                         Kondo Audio Note. You asked for the best, th... 
Upgrade my CD player or futile effort?
Audio Research Ref CD9 SE.  
Looking for my "last" CD transport
Hello,There are quite a few Transports available. Take a look at Audio Note(UK). State of the Art . They cover different price ranges. They stand behind the product and you will always have a transport to last.  I have the CDT-4 right here. I will... 
sashavIf you are looking for Speakers, take a look at the CUBE AUDIO NENUPHAR from Poland.Check AV Showrooms for more info. 
Suggestions for Full Range Speakers up to 10K
Check out the Tekton Double Impact.  
Spay for CD
Essence Of Music works pretty good.  
Cartridge selection for Triangle Art turntable
This is a late response but, sps55 is correct. You should check out the TA Cartridges. 
Feickert blackbird, kuzma 4 point which cartridge
Syntax need to be tested for drugs. 
Gamut vs Tidal
I was also at this years RMAF and I listened to both speakers. First thing is, I believe the Tidal that was displayed is more expensive than the Gamut M7. I agree, the Gamuts were not set up properly and they sounded boomy. Properly set up, the Ga... 
Gamut Speakers....Anyone? Hello?
My current reference is the S7s. After using Quads for the past 25 years,I auditioned a pair over at KT Audio and fell in love with the sound. These are full range and easier to place in my current audio room than Quads. I am still a Quad lover bu... 
Wireworld Eclipse Interconnects??
The Gold Eclipse 6 is a step up from the Silver. Only the Platinum(the king of pack) would be better than the Gold. Give them a listen.