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Used Magico V3 or Rockport Mira 2
Ricred1...where will you be listening to the Mira2s? Please let us know what you think after the audition. Thx 
Used Magico V3 or Rockport Mira 2
Usermanual...perhaps "highly resolved" was not appropriate. I should have used the descriptor that the Magicos generally reproduce a lot of detail (which can give the impression of high resolution) but for me they lack a key ingredient for reprodu... 
Pre-amp suggestions for Thiel 2.4/Pass Labs XA30.5
Cal3713...I would assume a used Pass XP-10 would be a good combination with your XA30.5 (check with folks at Reno Hifi who often have good used/demo inventory and I believe they allow 30-day in-home auditions). Other options to consider:ARC LS-17:... 
Need efficient floor-stander for 2a3
Sorry I reread your post - $3K. 
Need efficient floor-stander for 2a3
New Magico speaker photo's the Q7 ($165K). Here's a link to a description from The Audio Beat: 
Used Magico V3 or Rockport Mira 2
A “musical” speaker?? A totally subjective, and quite frankly, useless description. Unfortunately, it is used by audiophile all the time. In my experience, “musical” basically mean a coloration of some sort which for some reason one may fancy . A ... 
Pre-amp suggestions for Thiel 2.4/Pass Labs XA30.5 the XA30.5 capable of driving the 2.4s without any problems? No tonal abberations or soundstage collapse at higher volumes?In any case, as for preamp suggestions, when you say your CAP-151 is being outclassed, how so? What are you not... 
Merry Christmas to All wishes to all Agoners this holiday season and for the New Year. 
Which power amplifier match audio research ref 3
I have the Ref 3 paired up with the Ref 110. Assuming it works in your budget (used you should be able to get it in the $5-6Kish range), it is a very solid match. 
Used Magico V3 or Rockport Mira 2
Yeung...Soundcomponents just received the first Avior speaker in the US for demo purposes. And he also has heard the Mira 2 extensively. You can ask him for his thoughts on the Rockport speakers. 
Used Magico V3 or Rockport Mira 2
I actually disagree with Peter's take. I Have heard the Mira 1 (many times), Ankaa and Acquila and the V2/V3 at Goodwins and personally the Magicos (either model) are sterile and analytical sounding and for me the Rockport Miras sounded very music... 
Cd player w/ digital input + volume control $2500
Michael...congrats on your purchase of the Metrum Octave DAC. It certainly has gotten a lot of positive buzz at and various audio forums. Please let us know your impressions once it is settled in. 
Rockport Avior?
Very basic specs: Rockport designed and built twin 9" carbon fiber woofers, a carbon fiber 6" midrange driver and a Berrylium tweeter. Cost: $29,500.Here are a few links with pics: 
CD/SACD Player with direct iPod/iPad connection
I very recently purchased the Marantz SA 8004 after a lengthy in home audition. The reviews from TAS and Positive Feedback are very accurate. One of the most musically engaging digital pieces out there and that does not mean soft, dull, or blunted...