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What loading do you use on your Dynavector XX2MKII
Dan, can you get it up to 30? You might be losing some detail at 10. 
Opus 21 vs Esoteric X-3se
Detail is always harder to get. Once you've lost it, there's no way to get it back further down the chain. I'd rather get the detail in, then tune the rest of the system, then lose it forever. 
Speakers that disappear
Cabasse Baltics, as they are both time alined and point sourced, images appear as if they were floating in space. 
Load Settings for Dynavector 20XL?
Experiment, experiment, experiment...that's part of the fun with vinyl. 
Rega P9 vs Kuzma Reference
There are things the Kuzma Reference can do that the P9 will lack, mostly in the bass department.If you plan to upgrade the arm from the RB300 sometime later, then the potential is better with the Kuzma. If however you absolutely do not wish to sp... 
Esoteric P-05/D-05...... AES digital cable?
Go for a good iLink cable instead and save a lot of $$$$. I think this sounds more "correct". 
Unipivot vs Linear Tracking
JamesWith the Conductor, air pressure is not critical as much as volume of air flow since it is a low pressure design. There is some low level "hiss" from the air escaping the air beam, which is not audible from the listening position. Cleaning of... 
Unipivot vs Linear Tracking
Wow! How could I miss this thread?On LTT and Unipivots: my personal experience is the LTT has the advantage and it is audibly superior to pivoted arms in general. The most obvious difference is the soundstage. LTT throw a huge and wide 3D stage ex... 
Is the KAB Fluid Damper worth it if...
Has anyone tried using the threaded Megafoot instead of the Heavyfoot? Is it worth the additional cost? 
Sumiko Celebration Alternatives?
4yanxYou could consider:1) Clearaudio ConcertoHeard this at a dealers shop on a Basis/Vector4 combo and it sounded very nice.2) Dynavector XX2Mk2A very nice cart too. Good presence and dynamics. Heard this on a SME30/V arm. If price is no object, ... 
Sumiko Celebration Alternatives?
4yanxIf you like the Celebration, I would suggest passing it to Soundsmith for a retip. I've had a 103R and recently an AT 33PTG retipped as well. It is absolutely fabulous sounding.To get the last nth of resolution would cost much more, and it is... 
Denon DL-103 vs. DL-160?
The alternative is to add weight or change the headshell to a heavier one, to get the resonant freq <12hz. 
Sanders ESL Power Amp & Mono blocks
Hi KiwiWell I heard both combinations at the dealer's showroom. The Sanders is typical SS sound, very clean and leaning towards the lean/thin side. The ModWright had more body straight off, but does not sound euphonic like older generation tube am... 
Sanders ESL Power Amp & Mono blocks
Hi KiwiWell whether it is the Cabasse @92db/w or the much less efficient Vandersteen 2CE SigII @86db/w, the ESL stereo amp had the same basic neutrality about it. You don't get the "edge" or digititus when listening to CDs. While the 2CE SigII has... 
Sanders ESL Power Amp & Mono blocks
Ah, some more Sanders amp users...Why? Well it has one of the purest mids-highs I've heard from SS amps, while retaining the grunt in the bass. Its like a marriage between v good SE tube w/o the euphony, and powerful clean SS bass.What else? Nothi...