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Meridian 508,20 upgrade result in new laser?
thanks Bidtee 
Seperates or Receiver on a Budget
I put together a modest system for under 1,500, buying mostly used and/or closeout. My speakers/sub are NHT, and the receiver is a Technics SADA10, that is not bad considering it is made by Panasonic. The dvd is the venerable Sony 7000, and I am c... 
my $686 stereo system, laugh if you want...
oh so you think you got me beat eh, I bought a $55.00 three disc with tuner and double cassette at Ames before it went out of business. Made by none other than Philips, and it even has a remote.Cody 
best interconnect under $100 for my system????
I used to own the Mission's and could never tame the top end until i switched from solid state. hOpe this helps, thanks.cody 
Sonus Faber - Final and difficult choice
I currently own the Concertino's and couldn't be happier. I realize that the lowest octave is missing, and I accept it. Occasionally I feel the need for whats missing, but I know that the magic in the Concertino's is what I crave. I too owned the ... 
is creek5350se best integrated for 1000-1200 bucks
Purchase a Quad cdp, and 99 power amp for about 2500. Look at the Spendor 3/5 SE, and live happily ever after. 
Danny Kirwan
Ive been a Kirwan fan for 30 years, but was saddened to learn of his subsequent breakdown prior to the release of Penquin. He did come out with a few solo albums, but like Peter Green he dropped out of sight. Luckily Peter made a comeback and was ... 
Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will- Your Thoughts?
lets not leave out PEter Green and Danny Kirwan. 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
Perhaps The Byrds should be given consideration, afterall they were the Beatles favorite band. George's,"If I Needed Someone," was inspired by the Byrds. 
What group do you wish would be remastered?
Fleetwood Mac, especiall "Then Play On." 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Oh yea, my dream car, anything that gets 100 miles to the gallon. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I drive my wife crazy...98 vw golf. 
Rosemary Clooney / Shirley Horn / Peggy Lee
I would highly recommend Rosemary Clooney; all but given up after a nervous breakdown, Clooney has made some fantastic recordings. Check out the Concord label, especially her songbooks of, Porter, Arlen, Berlin, Gershwin, Mercer, and Rogers, Hart ... 
Personal speaker evolution
Here goes:Brands Mart Inc. $150 1973Ohm E $120 1974KLH? $200 1975Micro Acoustics $300 1976Altec Voice of the Theater 1977-1978 $0Yamaha? girlfriends 1982-1986B&W 110's $300 1986-1989Snell J11 $600 1989-1990Snell Q's $650 1990-presentNHT's vari... 
The Paul Desmond Quarter "Live" This hard to find double LP finally arrived on cd a few years. Much to be enjoyed.