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Beyond Chutzpah
At his asking price, he is INCLUDING all of the Monster Cables. That alone makes it very tempting. 
Best Album Purchase, or Best Evaluating Record
I bought Rickie Lee Jones' debut album when it first hit the racks in Tower Records on the Sunset Strip in 1979. I think I paid $4.99 for it. Great recording, fine stamping, and still one of my reference LPs after all these years. 
I could cry
Taco Time!!! 
Blu-ray format... Do you like it compared to DVD?
It should not be forgotten that higher resolution video is not the only benefit of Blu Ray.I am equally impressed with the ability of Blu Ray to have either uncompressed 5.1, or lossless 5.1 (TrueHD or Master Audio HD) audio. These audio formats b... 
Songs about ecology
Interesting Project:A song that is not in the mainstream, but is worth checking out is "The Planet" by Hans Theessink. THe song is on his CD "Call Me" from circa 1992 I believe. It also showed up on one of Burmeister's Sampler CDs.Here's a link to... 
How can I use headphones with my new system?
This thread may interest you.,coffee_nudge 
Vinyl Nightmare - flooding in Western WA
Hey Bob-I would imagine that after the effort to clean up the LPs, they can be played. As a vinyl afficionado, part of the joy is listening to the record as you hold the cover in your hands and read the liner notes (without a magnifying glassthat ... 
The passing of Marianne Barber of Joule Electra
Very sad, indeed. I never met her, but talked with her several times on the phone....She was always friendly, upbeat and helpful.My sympathies and thoughts to Jud and the rest of her family. 
Help Do I have fake van den Hul Mainsstreams?
I clicked on the picture on the right to enlarge it, and the larger picture included the "van den Hul" part of the cables. The "fake" one had the "v" and the "real" one had the "V". FWIW 
Will an RCM make the Rice Krispies go away?
Perhaps static electricity? 
What song best describes you or your life?
Back in the day, it was "Sunday Morning Comin' Down" by Kris Kristofferson.But I've changed my ways since then. 
the continued dumbing down
I especially note the irony in the sentence:"But the sound quality of digital audio files is noticeably inferior to that of compact discs and even vinyl."MP3s are inferior EVEN TO VINYL!!!! 
phono cable for a scoutmaster
FWIW, I use a Coincident I/C from my Scoutmaster to my phonostage (which is now a Joule Electra OPS; formerly ARC SP8). While I do not always agree with Arthur Salvatore, here is what he says about Coincidents for this use:http://www.high-endaudio... 
what is good sound ?
As Yogi might say, "If you like it, that's good." 
Exact Audio Copy compression settings
I use FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) with EAC. You can get FLAC here: you can set it up by following the instructions for FLAC configuration on EAC here: