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Counterpoint - Alta Vista - Mike Elliott
Ill never sell my Solid 1 E I love it 
Sanders Sound preamp vs. Innersound?
Check out my Coda Windows 4 ad. Sorry to bother here I couldn't figure how to do a direct message. 
The best integrated amplifier
Transmission Line Bass
go to audio circle big fan club of salks over there 
Transmission Line Bass
Clements 207 D I's and a pair of 107 D I's outstanding clean bass. 
A tribute to Roger Sanders and Innersound
He also has about the best simple and clear description of how a transmission line works without a extra 15 pages of bs to go with it. 
MiniMonitor 33lbs w/realistic vocals,not bright.
Legacy studio monitors 
Arcam or Unison Unico
Arcam has always made great cd players,not just good but grea 
Under $500 - Used CDP or DAC/Transport?
The way you find the Sony is to stay on that site 24/7 I've never seen ever. 
a good pre amp with remote usd6000 or less used
8 K for Gods sake come back to earth, try a Coda,, Innersound, these guys just dont make bad stuff and its priced fair 
Best SS preamp $1000
Its over by some but look at Innersound or Coda 
a good pre amp with remote usd6000 or less used
Save yourself some time and look at Coda or Innersound and save aboat load of money. 
Nearfield listening
I'm 5 feet away from bigger Clements speakers 207 d i's and they are killer sounding and not in your face at all ,Some of the best i have have had with my stereo. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
top 5 preamps under $1,200
Innersound $1200 here on Agon,makes me wonder if people even look at the ads for how long some products sit for sale